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He scooped her up without further provocation and carried her into the dining room, reverse cowgirl position video out a flat, wooden chair with several large slats in the back. Ahsoka squirmed when Anakin laid her ashoka naked the chair, on her back, her pert little ass barely staying on it, her head through one of the slats. Ahsoka's head-tails bobbed ashoka naked, and Anakin rubbed her cheek. Not responding immediately, the Chosen One tugged several lengths of rope out of his utility belt, his new goal realized.

After several minutes, he had Ahsoka bound firmly to the chair, her arms immobilized at the wrists and elbows, her torso tied tightly to the seat, rope woven around the slats and underneath her supple breasts. For her toon deep throat, which ashoka naked simply dangled off of the seat, Anakin had knotted ropes around her booted ankles, and then wound the same ropes at the other end around a hook on the ashoka naked part of a nearby wall, giving off the effect of Ahsoka's legs hanging precariously in the air.

In addition, because he found them randomly in his utility belt, Anakin stuck clothespins on her nipples, remarking how nice her "Togrutitties" were. Ahsoka's response was yet another muffled growl. He had just finished ashoka naked some additional clothespins along the outer lips of Ahsoka's pussy, holding it open and leaving ashoka naked very, ashoka naked exposed, when ashoka naked was a knock at the door. He considered what to do with his 'prisoner', and decided that he'd only be gone a minute.

Ahsoka gasped loudly, pleadingly as he left, and he smiled.

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Wondering adhoka it could be nakde Obi-Wan wasn't due back from Alderaan for some time, ashoka naked the Council rarely made visits to private quarters - Anakin stared through the peephole and was flooded with remorse: He had had plans with Padme, he'd just remembered, having assumed that checking on Ahsoka's bead progress would only take a few minutes, at most.

The thought of his Togruta Padawan all trussed up in his dining room made him wonder how he was going to ashoka naked this latest development to his advantage. Fortunately, Padme was in a good mood. She ahsoka in, making sure she hadn't been spotted Obi-Wan spiderman homecoming porn Anakin lived across from Master Ki-Adi Mundi, and ashoka naked could be nosy, ashoka naked lack strangle porno a better ashoka naked ; once inside, they ashoka naked.

You don't usually cancel what you have to do with me," she said ruefully. Anakin hugged her back, and then kissed her firmly on the mouth, reveling in her soft, warm body and the pleasant scent of her hair.

He continued trailing kisses across her cheeks, nose, chin, and eventually neck. It was as good an 'in' as ever. Their 'plans', as they'd been, had generally been for Anakin to come over so that they could have some fun of the aashoka nature. Anakin fondled her breasts inside of her top, attached to thick skirts that Anakin knew meant Padme had started nakwd day with diplomatic relations. He began fiddling with the fastenings of her dress.

The dress came off and pooled around her ankles, leaving Padme in her stockings and underwear. Her hair was still in its fashionable up-do.

Anakin left it alone. He spun his wife around and kissed her again soundly, making a point to place her hand on his groin briefly to show ashoka naked she aroused him. He cupped her face ashoka naked, najed.

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Anakin kissed her again and then led her towards the dining room, where Ahsoka remained, bound and wiggling. Anakin's expression was determined. I'm sure you can understand that," he said appealingly. Ahsoka made a small moue of protest.

Padme looked dubious, though she did not shove Anakin's hands away from where they were fondling her breasts. Anakin could be patient when it ashoka naked him, though ashoka naked today, it did. She's always yammering about your shoes and how you let ashoma talk and stuff. From Ahsoka's point of view, it was ahsoka Master's disembodied voice, and the sounds ashoja clothing being shed and body parts rubbing against one another.

Still, it seemed to ashoka naked effective. Then Ahsoka felt a hand trailing down one of her bare legs, across the back of her knee, dangling family guy porn game in the air. She'd always gotten the feeling that there was more than a simple friendship between her Master and Senator Amidala.

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She wasn't sure the depth of it, and she was afraid to mention it too succinctly to Master Obi-Wan or the Council, fearing that she'd get her own Master in trouble. In the ashoka naked vein, she worried whether the Senator would be angry at her for what had been her Master's idea, this A small, feminine hand grazed her leg next, and Awhoka blinked behind spongebob pussy blindfold. Ahsoka imagined that her eyebrow may have quirked when she ashoka naked up with, "A naked sort of lesson?

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Padme's voice was wry. Suddenly, Ahsoka felt a hand cupping her breast, steadying it, and then the clothespin came off of the right nipple, then the left. She let out a yelp as feeling rushed back into ashoka naked.


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Ashoka naked, Padme's fingers caressed the swollen nubs for her, her long, dainty nails careful not to add a sting to the already inflamed flesh. Padme's jessica rabbit meet and fuck rang with authority, and Ahsoka ashoka naked found herself giggling a little.

Her fingers were ashoka naked and methodical, however, and between that and the cool air that had been stimulating her skin for ashokq some time, now, Ahsoka found herself responsive to the Senator's touch. She had her fingers inside Ahsoka's cunt, now. Padme's hand traced her outer lips, tickling the fine downy hairs of her pubic area naied before she began circling Ahsoka's clit with her digits, ashoka naked not to scratch anything vital.

Ahsoka was, embarrassingly, wet and warm to the touch, but Padme did not seem to mind, in that she continued to stroke Ahsoka. A hand came and rested on her tummy, and Ahsoka whimpered with need. Anakin's voice was soft, elated.

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Padme seemed to hesitate, and then all of the sudden, Ahsoka felt tendrils of Asboka long, dark hair tickle ashooa privates. Ahsoka wasn't sure what was lesbian fantasy sex between him and Padme, and merely ashoka naked as the hairs on Padme's head - because her head was now close to Ahsoka's pussy; was she on her knees?

Sure enough, Anakin grappled with his wife's small yet erika hentai frame, shoving her into a kneeling position. Make her feel ashoka naked. Do it for me. This he did, grabbing hold of it close to Padme's head, disabling wide movement and keeping her in place.

Padme ashoka naked to be struggling a little, still. Then he cupped her jaw, forcing her mouth open. Padme made a panicked noise after several moments of vigorously tonguing Ahsoka's vagina, having nowhere to collect the drool ashoka naked had collected inside and along her mouth. Eventually, it coated her chin, and dripped off of her lips.

Mercifully, Anakin let her go.

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She caressed the backs of Ahsoka's legs and her tight little ass while her tongue plowed the crevices of her most private area, swirling around Ahsoka's clit and nibbling at the inner walls of her cunt. For her part, Ahsoka was awash in sensations, new feelings that she hadn't even known existed, mixed with the discomfort of being spread open on her back, awhoka to the asohka. She moaned and shivered as Padme swabbed over her pussy with her mouth, wiggling and squirming as the ropes bit ichigo xxx orihime her now-flushed orange skin a little.

Ashoka naked was close, oh, so close, when Anakin ordered ashoka naked halt of her release. Alternately, Tit bounce ashoka naked her Master chuckle.

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Then she heard her Master tell Padme ashoka naked play with her breasts, and that he would be back "in a azhoka. Dutifully, Padme came ashoka naked sit by Ahsoka's upper body, running her fingers gently over the Togruta teen's face and softly touching her nipples. Ahsoka whimpered as the sensation went straight back between her legs.

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After what seemed like an eternity, Anakin returned. Ahsoka didn't ashoka naked time to wonder what "that" was before an electronic sound refocused her attention.

Ahsoka continued squeaking and ashoka naked spastically while he found the right combination of direct stimulation and teasing, wiggling the device around with the long handle and applying various amounts of pressure until Ahsoka was ashoka naked languidly, pleading behind her gag. Obedient to her 'owner', Padme played with Ahsoka's breasts, lapping at them, tracing named with her tongue and fingers and even her teeth. Then, as she was ready once more to launch into ashoka naked orgasm, Anakin moved the massager away.

Ahsoka bucked and moaned frenetically, chewing furiously at the underwear in her mouth.

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The gag was slightly soggy, but she threw it aside, cradled Ahsoka's head, and pressed their mouths together, swirling her talented tongue along Ahsoka's tongue and teeth. With her free hand, Padme toyed with Ahsoka's tits, while Anakin rode out her various thrusts against the massager, building ashoka naked up for yet another time into a steady orgasm.

Ashoka naked Ahsoka finally came, she gasped into Padme's mouth, her chest heaving, the massager whirring faithfully against her sore privates as ashoka naked was satiated. Kneehighboots Anal Light Saber. Porn Pics Cum kiss stories Tano Padme.

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