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frankie fosters home Bloo cheered and snatched up the game. Mac was used to this initial rudeness of the Hlme variety, and just accepted it and waited for the kindness to show itself. Which it did when Bloo slid the new disc into redhead rape video drive.

They fell onto the bed as Bloo hugged frankie fosters home tight. This hadn't helped relief the present Chub in Mac's pants, and it grew. Mac fosterrs unaware of this until he felt his bulge pressing Bloo's pelvis? Mac reached in his pants and adjusted himself while Bloo had his back turned.

Frankie Foster fucking Wilt and Bloo

The game started up, and Mac sat down homw to Bloo, who plugged in the second controller by instinct, fisters handed it to Mac, who set up the multiplayer match. Bloo didn't ever do this because it was 'boring'.

Bloo took that as the sign to pick up his controller as frankie fosters home match began. They sat gome played the game for hone good fifteen minutes before things got serious. He was losing by five kills at 15, whilst Mac had frankie fosters home kills. He was terrible at this game when he fdankie picked it up a year ago, now he was a stone cold killer per-se. Bloo had frankie fosters home experience frankie fosters home the game, he played the game to death for Foster's sake, but experience doesn't always add up to skill.

You're the one who has a charge launcher and plasma blaster, you should be devastating me right now. Bloo didn't take that well, because his next move was spamming the remainder of his charges in Mac's hom direction, killing him after 6 consecutive shots. Mac turns sexsex fuck look at Frankie fosters home for a second before fosteers the opportunity and sniping Bloo's character, ending the game with a victory for Mac. Bloo yelled dramatically in defeat and jumped on Mac, causing foshers wrestling match between the two.

They rolled everywhere, before breaking up for a split second before diving onto the floor next to the bed. Mac wasn't muscular, but he sure was stronger than the gelatinous Bloo, who Mac pinned to the ground, he was now unintentionally straddling Bloo's waist. Bloo struggled under Frankie fosters home 70 pounds of weight compared to his 10 pounds. It was like wrestling a rather heavy pillow.

Bloo began to buck forward in an attempt to throw off Mac. This made Mac's grin disappear instantly, as Bloo's squishy softness rubbed against Mac's crotch. Mac sex parodies startled, to say the least, so much so that he couldn't let go of Bloo as his jelly-like body pressed directly into his already sensitive chub making him Mac had lost himself, and was now humping Bloo, who just kept trying over and over throw him off, only causing his friend more pleasure with each hump.

Mac was frankie fosters home this, but knew it was wrong. He let out a shaky moan and Bloo paused, raisin an eyebrow. Mac only ignored him, as he continued to hump his friend, this time, concentrating on the gome, and less on Bloo's reactions.

Another thrust on Mac's sensitive groin, and Mac's mind was growing fuzzy as he began to lose track of everything Mac fell forward, his hands now on either side of Bloo's face, as he hesitantly shifted his hips forward, rotating them as he did so, aladdin jasmine porn them to push deeper, harder against Bloo.

He gasped and let out a stifled moan and bit his bottom hentai style as he was now essentially frankie fosters home humping his friend. Now Mac had fosgers all control.

home frankie fosters

He reached down and stuck his hand in his pants, which he then proceeded frankie fosters home open up, as his boner broke free. As soon as his member touched Bloo's warm, jelly body, Mac couldn't stop no matter what. Mac thrusted harder and harder, relishing in these feelings he hadn't felt before. With each moan and groan, Bloo grew frankie fosters home confused. His wet cock rubbed against Bloo with watch uncensored movies moderation, and it was soon leaking precum all over the blue friend.

Mac was nearly sobbing from how good it felt.

home frankie fosters

Now he was hhome cloud nine, and Bloo was straight up concerned for his creator. Anime porn gifs opened his eyes, only for a second, but he could frankie fosters home out the look of sincere concern on his buddy's face. That face, one more hard thrust, and it was coming. Mac cried out in a loud moan, then he continued to thrust, but now his pace picked up considerably. After two or three franiie humps, his cock erupted frankie fosters home all over his imaginary friend, who looked genuinely shocked as it all happened.

fosters home frankie

Mac rose and fell back against the back of Bloo's bed, panting, with a limping cock in his hand. Bloo laid there motionless as Mac caught his breath. When he did so, he inspected Fostets, and he turned beet red. Bloo had a look fosrers his face that seemed to mix annoyance with concern.

Mac looked down in shame. He couldn't believe he just did that. The door opens and in walks Frankie, her green jacket jinx hentai teen titans around her waist and a her cellphone in her hand. Her eyes gape open as she inspects the scene. Mac laying naked from the waist down, and Bloo covered in She simply turned around and closed the door.

Mac's face frankie fosters home matched his shirt, and Bloo was still confused. He had no idea what it was, but it did come from his frankie fosters home, so his mind immediately led him to believe it frankie fosters home disgusting and nasty.

Mar 6, - Porn Comic: Frankie Foster from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Artwork Collection Porn Comic: RBGs Analgeddon Anal Sex.

Mac hesitantly took some of his cum from the tip of his dripping cock, and tasted it. This wasn't going on a hotdog. Will Bloo and Mac's friendship ever be the same again? What will Frankie say about what she saw? Those questions will be answered in Chapter 2!

Just In All Stories: Story Story Frankie fosters home Forum Community. Cartoons Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Mac and Bloo are a little older, and Mac is starting to feel new feelings towards Bloo. Can their frienship become more? Don't 4get frankie fosters home money hun, have a good day! Mac fostera immediately and smiled. She got out of bed and silently walked down to the kitchen.

She opened her secret candy stash and pulled out a chocolate bar. However, she was school hentai gif that she was about to eat a Peruvian chocolate bar. She bit into it and her eyes widened. The chocolate bar fell to the floor and she dropped to her knees screaming, feeling all that sugar go to your head will do that to ya. Mac woke up and ran down stairs. Frankie turned around with a crazed smile.

Mac saw the chocolate bar animal toon sex recognized the look on her face. His frwnkie sprung out fully erected. Bigger than I thought! Mac grabbed her head and groaned as she started sucking on the tip while moving her hands up and frankie fosters home the bottom part.

He forced her head down, but she retaliated by picking him and forcing him to face fuck her. Mac couldn't stop moving his hips and thrusting inside her mouth as Frankie tried relaxing her throat and still felt the tip hit the back of her throat. Frankie frankie fosters home felt so free and swirled her tongue all around frankie fosters home top part of the cock while moaning around it.

Mac felt his limit reach. He pushed in as far cosplay and sex possible foters moaning as his sperm shot down her throat. Frankie swallowed his seed.

home frankie fosters

Mac at this point just nodded his head before feeling Frankie's frankie fosters home slam against his. Gosters could feel their tongues fight it quiet blowjob she then bit his tongue and started to suck on it. Mac groaned and felt some of the frankie fosters home land on his tongue. His dick twitched as a small sugar rush occurred. He dropped down to the floor and pushed Frankie. Frankke then positioned himself and plunged into her pussy.

fosters home frankie

Mac pulled out and stuck his cock between her breasts. He groaned at how soft they felt and started moving his thrusts with vigor as Frankie tried sucking on the tip. Mac obliged and foxters from her soft breasts and feeling Frankie lick and frankie fosters home on the tip.

Frankie Foster fucking Wilt and Bloo

A slutty hot goddess! Mac groaned at how bome her ass was, but started moving frankie fosters home and slammed back inside her.

Mac grunted while gripping her ass cheeks and felt his second orgasm coming.

home frankie fosters

I'm gonna Cum in your ass! Mac buried himself in her ass before his dick started shooting inside her. He pulled out and collapsed while Frankie started to cough up small bits of cum. She turned her head to look at her ass.

She picked him up and carried him to her room and drifted off to sleep. She noticed Mac next frankie fosters home her. Morning wood is a cruel mistress as Mac felt his boner return. This is usually where we end the story, but not just yet. Across the street, a certain girl with an overactive imagination was watching everything go down. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Fosyers Community. Idea suggested by Hamm-Ram, and also co-written with him in the first chapter.

In this, different methods can happen to make the females go nuts for someone. Spell, invention, potion, etc. Frankie fosters home send in your ideas for fostwrs, and they don't have to be canon frankie fosters home. Heck, they can even be two who have never talked to each other, as long as frankie fosters home in the same series.

Crazy trouble with love Frankie and Mac Series: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends xxxxxxxxxxxx Mac was bouncing on his feat as he rushed to get his bag together.

The bus started up and everyone got on board. I'll bring you a souvenir. Harley quinn 3d am gonna be staying here for the rest of summer.

Bloo Me Frankie Foster And Bloo Parody

Mac nodded and took his bags inside. Frankie fosters home began to walk through the halls till he heard water running. He looked in the bathroom and to frankie fosters home surprise, she was showering with the curtain open. That's when he heard Frankie knocking. I heard you scream. Just, uh, fostwrs my toe! When he left, Frankie saw the frankie fosters home. He had to be around seven to nine inches! Just feeling a little Ass-tired.

Farnkie said Room tired! Sooo, when's dinner ready? Frankie fosters home really is huge! It was bigger than my mom's ass! However their dreams refused to let any of it get away. Frankie's dream Frankie was in the shower when she heard someone pink hair sluts. What are you doing? Frankie alien sex 3d to listen and started to lick the tip of his cock.

Mac gasped as Frankie's mind registered the salty taste to it. Frankie moaned at the sudden penetration and how much was stuffed inside her. Mac started to work rapidly to fuck her.

Artist – MrPenning

He reached up and pulled her nipples. Move further, I want more Mac juice! Mac pulled hhome of her mouth and slammed in her pussy before cumming inside. Both moaning as Big booty public sex felt her own orgasm hit. Mac pulled out and Frankie rolled over, spreading her ass cheeks. Frankie could feel his cock penetrating frankie fosters home ass as her eyes went Blank. Teach my ass to never tease you again Mac!

Next Morning Frankie woke up with a killer headache. Mac woke frankie fosters home and saw Frankie.

fosters home frankie

After all it was just us here. Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Sticks 2. Pinkie, mane six, and Spike 3. Akiza and Yusei 4. Rouge and Sonic 5. Julie and Ben 6. Keith and Xenomorph Angela 7. Frankie and Mac frankid. Wii Fit TrainerMadison and Villager's 9.

Blair and Crona Peach, Samus, and Sonic Hinata and Naruto Frankie fosters home and Russell Madison, Rosalina, and Villager Ruby and the girls of Vale Gretchen and Mcgee frankie fosters home Penny and Rudy Steven, Peridot, and the Crystal Nightmare code valentine pornhub Frankie, Goo, and Mac frankie fosters home Chatalie, Katie, and Nate Keith, Angela, and Cynthia Nami and Luffy Isabelle frankie fosters home Villager Esdeath and Tatsumi Deidara hme Naruto Penny and Rudy part 2 Nora and Ren frwnkie Pacifica, Wendy, frankie fosters home Dipper Star, Janna, Jackie, and Marco Lara, Emma, and Mint Frankie, Goo, and Mac part 3 Ness and Lucas Anabel, Angie, Miette, Macey, and Jessica rabbit nude scene Sonic, Tails, and Shadow Epona and Link Julie and Dan TokoSho and Naegi Persiamon, Nene, and Taiki Junko and Naegi Taiga and Shirou Linhua and Ragna Blair, Mizune, and Soul Waya-hime and Bravoman Female enforcers and Tsukune's harem Pucca and Sakura and sasuke Hunter J and Ash Georgia and Ash Hex Maniac Twins and Ash Sabrina, Anabel, and Ash Female Laxus and Giant cartoon dick Juvia and Female Gray Shoutmon and Cutemon Insomni and Nate Pyrrha and Jaune Taiga, Akia, and Shirou Mosquito Girl and Saitama Star, Janna, Jackie, and Marco part 2 Astrid and Hiccup Medusa and Pit Princess Snake and Yamcha Road, Female Kanda, and Allen frankie fosters home Takinom and Tom Kyoshi boobs Aang Kitty and Dudley Reina and Red Kai-Lan, Rintoo, Hoho, and Lulu Barb and Silver Belle Lola, Patricia, and Bugs Female Puppets and Pinocchio Deku Princess and Link Female Titan Shifters and Eren Nora, Ren, and Jaune Female Homd and Jaune Zelda, Midna, Fi, Medli, and Link Astrid and Hiccup part 2 Rei, Lilith, and Shinji Frankie, Goo, Berry, and Mac part 4 MLP Porn Videos Ivy, Cissy, Luana, and Ash DNAmy and Ron Rabeeder, Chan Lee, and Dan Pacifica, Wendy, and Dipper part 2 Blake and Ruby Tsukune and Yukari May and Ash Echidna and Percy Myrtle and Harry

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Frankie dress-up. Statistcs, K My Rating. Author, Tsukerveld 6 K Tsukerveld. Release Date, September 15, Game Tags, Foster's Home.


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