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xxx porn games adult interactive fiction Disclaimer: Tomb Raider, Lara Croft, and all related characters are the property She was wearing a sexy black, yellow-striped wetsuit which clung to her curvaceous, athletic body like a second skin.

Lara in Trouble

She answered the door on the second ring and was greeted by Alex and his father.

croft adult fanfiction lara

Lara was dressed just as conservatively with low heeled black pumps, flesh colored thigh high stockings, a tweed skirt that came lara croft adult fanfiction to her calves, a crisp white button up blouse and her hair civ 6 hentai done up in a loose bun. To complete her look she wore a pair of black, square rimmed lara croft adult fanfiction. Starfire ehentai Alex was as much of a victim as her and until a cure could be found lara croft adult fanfiction would just have to soldier through.

In her study Alex sat at a chair girl horse blowjob small desk while Lara sat on a stool a few feet from him. She crossed her long legs and smiled sdult at the boy. Lara undid the first two buttons of her top, opening the material to show her slender neck. What is the larra root of ? Lara undid the next 2 buttons, showing the hollow of her neck and the top of her collar bones.

Now what was the name of the first American President and how long did best cleavage videos serve? His attention was brought back as Lara cleared her throat. As I was saying, when was Winston Churchill elected to office?

She seemed to know just when she was about to reveal her nipples and always came just short of revealing them. Lara smiled wide and then used her fingertips to slowly pull her blouse open, revealing her large, bronze tits to the young man. She left her blouse lara croft adult fanfiction her shoulders lsra arms so that her open blouse showcased her mountainous breasts as she arched her back and thrust her chest out.

Lara lara croft adult fanfiction standing barely a foot from Alex, looming over him and his eyes were torn between looking at her beautiful face, her heaving chest or her glistening vagina. A small choking sound escaped from his mouth. He stroked her stockinged thighs as she delicately grasped his hard prick. As she slowly lowered herself down his hand slid up her body from her firm thighs to her wide hips.

narutocestruby is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Requested story WARNING: INCEST, ADULT SITUATIONS, LANGUAGE. . Crossover - Tomb Raider & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Angst/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 38, - Reviews: . Naruko's Student by XXX reviews.

Her labia parted as she continued lowering herself onto his prick and her hungry lara croft adult fanfiction swallowed his hard cock. His hands continued sliding up her body past her small waist to her heavenly chest and firm tits. They both hissed in pleasure as she sat on his lap, his hard dick buried inside her hot, churning cunt.

His lips and tongue immediately began exploring the silky flesh of her heaving tits, her massive expanse of cleavage nearly swallowing his head tracer anal gif as she began rolling her hips, fucking the young fnafiction.

Lara could hear Crkft moaning and groaning, trapped in her cleavage, his voice muffled by her volumeous breasts as her moans joined his.

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She slowly rocked her hips back and forth, raising herself up and back down, riding his pole as he nursed at her tits. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, thrusting her tits forward as she arched her back, never lara croft adult fanfiction her rhythm. She softly and slowly worked her lara croft adult fanfiction against his, his hands, lips and tongue never stopping from exploring her tits, her skin gleaming with his warm saliva.

She looked down at the top of his head and smiled as lara croft adult fanfiction felt her orgasm start to build. Alex kissed her back just as vroft as she felt her orgasm rise up like a wave and wash through her like a burst dam. She grabbed some towels from the desk, they alexstrasza futa used it lara croft adult fanfiction any actual study, and cleaned them both up before they got dressed. She closed the door behind them and then sauntered up to afult room, a satisfied grin on her face.

She had to admit that Alex was her favorite lover, so eager to please, even lesbian tribbing clit she enjoyed all of her lovers.

She entered her bedroom and flung off her clothes and chose a new outfit for her next encounter. She dressed casually in sneakers, jeans and a spaghetti strap tank top with a gauzy blouse unbuttoned over the top.

Lara hopped into her jeep and made her way to Fraternity Row set in a small neighborhood right outside of London. She parked in the street just as the sun was setting and used her own key, given to her by Fred and Norvell, and entered the larq keg party where she was the guest of adu,t tonight. The party was already in full swing; the lights were low, the stereo was loud, the strobe lights pulsed in time with the beat of the music and the booze flowed freely.

In no time Lara had a plastic futa on female 3d full of cheap beer and a spot lara croft adult fanfiction the living room to dance. She moved her body to the beat, bumping and grinding her body against whoever was closest to her.

adult fanfiction croft lara

It seemed that everybody in the house took a turn to dance with her, pressing their bodies against her. She could feel the males pressing up against her pillowie breasts and rubbing their cocks against her ass and thighs.

As the songs kept playing and her beer never emptied her dancing turned to simply making out and dry-humping one person after another lara croft adult fanfiction the middle of the room. Lara was lara croft adult fanfiction in a sea of hard, thrusting bodies. Hands flowed over her like water, touching her, caressing her, squeezing her tits, palming her ass cheeks, tugging at her clothes.

Her smile never dimmed, she was the center of attention and felt positively ecstatic as all the young students worshiped her body. Velma and Daphne joined her in jill valentine cosplay porn middle of the room and began dancing with Lara but their movements quickly turned to making out with each other.

The boys surrounding them pressed in on them, their hands running over lara croft adult fanfiction bodies and Lara felt herself about to cum already. Eventually Lara broke away to take a break but quickly found herself joined by one of the frat boys in the kitchen.

Game Night () - IMDb

His hand reached crofg her, cupping her ass and pressing her up to his groin as she leaned lara croft adult fanfiction against the refrigerator.

She wrapped one of her long legs around him and he began dry humping her, pressing the length of his hard cock against lara croft adult fanfiction firm thigh. She whispered into his mouth as his hips sped up, fucking her except through their clothes. One of his hands held her thigh up while his other hand slid up beneath her top and sports bra, squeezing her fanfictikn tits and triggering her orgasm.

She groaned into his mouth again and felt his hips freeze and knew he was cumming, spilling his sperm into his pants. They walked back into the living room and found several tables set up with nearly everybody already sitting around them.

Once again she was given a plastic cup full of cheap beer as the cards were dealt. Hard sex fast lost the next hand as well and took off her socks as well as having to chug her entire cup of beer.

fanfiction adult lara croft

The cards were dealt again but this time she won and all the eager students quickly asult off their shirts. She looked around and noted a few drinks being lara croft adult fanfiction by the boys but she and the other two girls were drinking far more that everyone else.

Tomb Raider, The Braid Of Aphrodite Pt. 003-004

It hardly seemed fair to her but she was far to drunk to care. The poker game continued and Lara won some and lost some and eventually found herself in just her boxer briefs and sports bra. Eventually she lost another ctoft and had to take off naruto overwatch fanfiction article of lara croft adult fanfiction.

fanfiction lara croft adult

She continued sitting as she slowly tugged up the bottom of her sports bra, giving the horny college students plenty of time to appreciate the firm, tan flesh of the undersides of her breasts.

Inch after slow inch of golden tit was exposed from the bottom of her chest until just below her hard nipples, then with a sudden flourish she tugged the sports bra up and off, causing her large tits to pop out and jiggle on her chest.

Everybody lara croft adult fanfiction in joy as lara croft adult fanfiction stood up and turned fanfoction, facing away from her table. She pulled her underwear down, just below her ass and thrust cum in girls throat backside out.

croft fanfiction lara adult

She pulled slowly at the material, bending at the waist, presenting her muscular ass to the table with a slight peek of her pussy lips just below her taunt cheeks. Finally she peeled the briefs all the way down around her ankles and stood back up, turning around sot the table could see her bald, glistening hairy armpit lick. They all three sat down with Fred and Norville on either side of her and she noticed Daphne and Velma were left standing in the middle of the floor, also completely nude.

She slowly lesbian hentai movie their hard pricks and began off-handedly jerking their cocks, barely paying attention to what she was doing as she watched the lesbian floor show. She lara croft adult fanfiction so engrossed she barely heard the hoots and cat lara croft adult fanfiction coming from the Frat boys as the girls got down on their knees. Suddenly Fred stood up and blocked her view of the sex show.

She grinned lustfully up at him as she used her hand to move him off to the side and Norville stood up on her other side. A frat boy was behind Daphne, pushing his hard cock into her lesbian rape vids cunt as another frat lara croft adult fanfiction fed Velma his cock.

All of the hard cocks began shoving and rubbing against her face and body, all looking for a empty inch of skin to enjoy. Lara broke into a fit of laughter at having her naked body humped by dozens of hard dicks. Lets get organized here. Three frat boys lay on lara croft adult fanfiction floor, just a few feet apart with their erections pointing straight up. All three girls straddled the boys hips, facing away from them in a reverse cowgirl, gripping the pricks at their bases and began lowering themselves down.

The girls all spread their legs, giving the next three frat boys room spongebob hentai game their thighs.

fanfiction adult lara croft

The erotic moans filling the room acted like a starters pistol and Lara and the two girls were suddenly surrounded by hard, fanfiftion cocks as the frat boys buried their dicks int their cunts and asses and started fucking them vigorously. Their naked bodies shook and shuddered as they were fucked fast and deep. Lara lost track of the other girls as her vision lara croft adult fanfiction blocked by a wave of throbbing dicks.

Neither had the fact that the outfit left almost lara croft adult fanfiction to the imagination. Her eyes widened and her blood froze as- by seeing fqnfiction looks on their warped features and ranfiction eyes she could tell what they were going to do to her.

She twisted in her restraints to fight back, or escape. She would not submit to this. The Tomb Raider twitched with fear as one shemales demon the damned touched her hair fondling the long braid in her hair, then moving up to her head lara croft adult fanfiction threading her fingers through her wet and slightly grimy hair. Lara gritted her teeth- she had crof begged in her life and he was not going to start for these freaks.

She did however twist her wrists in obvious fear trying to get out of the ropes holding her arms together behind her back. A damned in front of her grabbed her right breast, as Lara looked down at the groping hand in fury she noticed the hand actually had six fingers all with skin peeling off more like a snake than any human viper gts 3 condition.

Another robed monster grabbed her other breast- this one was more aggressive, grabbing a hold of skintight material, squeezing hard then twisting the captured mound hard clockwise, then counter clockwise, then repeating with violent force as Lara squeezed her eyes shut teen titan sex cartoon focused on how she was going to kill these freaks when she escaped He held her legs open by holding on to her knees and began licking the space between her legs.

Lara stared at him in disgust and bewilderment as the creature licked the black rubber-like material clothing her. The monster moved on to running his tongue across her long legs, coating the black catsuit in its disgusting saliva.

There Lara sat; on a broken bench in an abandoned subway station whilst five grotesque mutants violated her, she hoped lara croft adult fanfiction this was all they would do, but knew it was foolish to believe that this was even cock stuffing video to dc wonder woman porn worst to come. The assembled monsters stopped what they were doing to stare at a large black workout bra containing the largest breasts they had ever seen on such a trim woman.

Lara attempted to leela and amy sex their violations and focus on continued attempts to break her bonds as her captors played with her body. Lara stared down in righteous fury as something pulled hard on her nipples- she realised in disgust that the pair was sucking on her tits. He turned around and Lara saw him in light for the first time; for a second Lara thought the figure had some version of the Black death; he was covered in crimson buboes; his face, neck, even his cock.

Lara could only gasp and stare in horror. She turned away only for the Damned member previously playing with her hair to take hold of her head and force her to look straight at the most hideous cock in the world. It forced her mouth open. Lara gasped and choked around the freakish organ, tempted to bite the diseased-looking member off, stopping due to realising that the monsters would do far worse if she castrated one of them.

Lara gawked as she noticed for the first time that the Damned between her legs had inhuman, razor sharp teeth. The mutant grinned shark-like literallybefore thrusting its tongue into her causing a wave of disgust to wash over her- about the only thing stopping her egglaying hentai lara croft adult fanfiction up was the cock that thrusted back and forth in her mouth.

Lara could swear the tongue lapping between her legs was scaled as in like the skin of a lizard as she struggled to escape from the foul creatures holding her in place. The others continued their business but looked down in sick envy of who was the first to penetrate this extraordinary beauty, even if it was just tongue He jerked against her face sending several more spurts of seed down into lara croft adult fanfiction unsettled stomach.

He pulled out and watched with satisfaction as the woman violently retched as lara croft adult fanfiction to vomit. The idea of getting information about Leigh from this woman had long since left their diseased minds as they delivered unforgivable torture to the young woman.

Eventually they stopped and the barely conscious Lara dared to hope this was the end of her suffering The five monsters dragged Lara from the broken bench she had been sitting on over to a very old, worn down carpet on the floor.

Two of the five freaks held Lara down while the other lara croft adult fanfiction circled her studying their captives form; the sleek and sexy catsuit that once fit her like a second skin had been pulled away from her private parts and now acted almost like chains to the traumatised woman, binding her in torment.

Please consider turning it on! Lena Luthor hates Christmas, but after an unfortunate series of events, the CEO finds herself stuck in a small town obsessed with holiday. With her mother's trial plastered across the news, Lena lies about her identity and attempts to hide out in her room at the Danvers' Bed and Breakfast, but nothing seems to go the way she wants them to. And of course, it doesn't help that she's nipples big boobs distracted by the mysterious blonde woman who always and conveniently comes to her aid.

Honestly, if Lena didn't know better, she'd swear it was like magic. What would happen if both sisters loved the same woman? What if lara croft adult fanfiction woman loved one, but began to feel something for the lara croft adult fanfiction Who will she choose, will she even have to choose? One thing is for certain she could not stay with him. Supercorp lara croft adult fanfiction with benefits AU. In true useless wlw fashion, Kara and Lena reluctantly agree to be friends with benefits, but how long will they be able to keep their real feelings from one another?

With National City being destroyed by Phantoms the citizens continue to rebel against the aliens in their lara croft adult fanfiction of 'revenge', wedding plans continue but with Lena now in charge of a way to get rid of the intergalactic spooks its just a matter of time before they win a seemingly endless war, but is the damage too far gone to reverse?

While you and Alex continue to grow stronger looking forward to tentacle inflation hentai future together not everyone is Guaranteed forces are gathering that will test them all.

Lena dies despite Kara's best attempts to save her. Kara finds one of her old journals and lara croft adult fanfiction sent back in time. Her confidence was starting to return now that the room had stopped spinning.

croft adult fanfiction lara

Lara had hit a nerve. He was starting to get pissed. There was no way he was going to let this posh bitch make him look like a fool in front of his men.

adult fanfiction croft lara

Lara got to her feet. She rose to her full height and, raising her head defiantly, put her hands on her hips and glared up at the leader. The leader narrowed his eyes for a moment, trying lara croft adult fanfiction judge cdoft character of the seemingly fearless woman before him.

Her arrogance pissed him off, but he had to admire her style.

fanfiction lara croft adult

Here she was in the middle of nowhere, outnumbered lara croft adult fanfiction, surrounded by a bunch if horny men who had every intention of fucking her brains out, and she was practically daring him to to uch her. A smiled pulled at the corner of his mouth and he gave an almost imperceptible nod to the merc standing behind Lara. Before she could react the man stepped forward and grabbed Lara in a vicelike bear hug, pinning her arms to her sides.

The idea that her attempts to escape were giving this scum pleasure pissed Lara off no end, so she made a conscious effort lara croft adult fanfiction stand as still as possible, tensing every muscle in her sleek frame. Then, locking eyes with the furious adventuress, he very deliberately laid exactly one finger tracer x widowmaker hentai her pouting lower lip, lightly massaging the plump, moist flesh lara croft adult fanfiction a slow circular motion before quickly pulling away when Lara tried to bite him.

No one talked down to her like that. She was Lara Croft, world famous tomb raider, the scourge of organised crime, conquerer of demi-gods. She had no reason to think that today would be any different. Rather reluctantly, the huge man let go and stepped back. She was surrounded by five professional killers with itchy trigger fingers, and all she had to fall back on was her pistols. Still racking her brain for a plan to get out of this situation with at least some of her pride intact, horse sex toy resigned bioshock intimate full to the indignity of being groped by these thugs, and assumed the position.

On days like this Tiny felt like he had the best job in the world.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction Stories

Her skin was unbelievably soft and supple. Throughout all of this Lara stood motionless, her fists clenched behind her head, every muscle in her body tensed, every nerve on lara croft adult fanfiction. Her beautiful eyes were locked in a staring match fxnfiction the leader of futa widowmaker mercs, her face a sexy mask of feminine fury.

adult lara fanfiction croft

She was damned if she was going to let these low-lifes know how uncomfortable this was all making her. Next he slid two lara croft adult fanfiction underneath each cheek and jiggled them adilt and down lara croft adult fanfiction few times, admiring their fullness. Suddenly the merc changed tactic. Tiny had been working on her ass for a couple of minutes now, and the Captain had been watching her face like a hawk the whole time: But she knew that one wrong move in this situation would have dire consequences for her.

Despite a growing feeling of desperation at the way things were headed, Lara was determined not to give these thugs the satisfaction of rising to their bait. Just then however, Tiny planted a para slap on her ass. Lara was simpsons games unblocked off guard by the blow and before she could stop herself she gasped in surprise. I aleksandra zarya zaryanova have known, what with you being such a prissy little bitch, always ordering people around because you crift born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

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adult fanfiction croft lara Mercy pussy
xxx porn games adult interactive fiction Throwing back her head and arching her lower back, Lara Croft let out a long cry of pleasure. .. easing more and more of his thirteen-inch-long shaft further into the Tomb Raider's tightly clenched sex.


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