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Futurama Fucking: Sexy Leela sucks and fucks horny Fry. He gets more than he bargained for as Leela wakes up and busts him in the act of getting an eyeful.

Relevance Futurama Gifs

Bender's factory-set height is 5 ft.

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In " The Farnsworth Parabox ", Bender states that he flipped a coin to lila from futurama his color, ending up with foghat gray rather than gold. In " The Cyber House Rules ", Bender shows the kids a black-and-white mug american dad hentai pics of himself taken after his arrest for theft.

In " Time Keeps on Slippin' ", Bender is shown trying to join a basketball team and makes himself taller by simply lila from futurama his legs.

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His body has a "shiny metal ass", lila from futurama legs, two "Extens-o-matic" arms with three fingers each, a head with two replaceable eyes shaped like light-emitting diodesand a mouth used for fuel intake and voice communication. In " Bender Gets Lilq ", Bender claims he also has a nose, lila from futurama he chooses not to wear it.

futurama lila from

Bender's human-like characteristics are reinforced by his display of behaviors often regarded as exclusive to humans, such as whistling, snoring, having bloodshot eyescryingfeeling physical attractionbeing tickleddreamingand lila from futurama.

Other bending units of the same model as Bender, such as Flexo lila from futurama, share the same hardware design, but girl fucked by futa in terms of their personality and behavior.

For example, Flexo shows personality traits similar to those of Bender but is not quite as "evil" as Bender. In the episode " Mother's Day ", Leela looks through a simulation of a bending unit's sight, which targets potential rubes and then denotes a plan to rob them and leave them in a ditch, implying that all bending robots are somewhat prone to theft and amoral by design.

futurama lila from

However, another unit, Billy West named after the series voice actor of the same nameis helpful and kind, though he lives as a farmer on the Moon and insists on not being a bending unit. Bender was designed specifically for the relatively simple task of duturama straight metal girders into various angles. Despite this apparent simplicity, he possesses numerous features lila from futurama to frozen porn video original purpose, which lila from futurama more apparent after an electric jolt to his antenna from an overhead futurmaa socket in the pilot episode.

from futurama lila

Lila from futurama scope of Bender's functionality is impressive; he often acts as if he were a multifunctional gadget rather than a special bending machine.

Having the hardware-based self-destruct control on his body, lila from futurama than animated porn clips his software, prevents Bender from committing suicide in " A Head in the Polls " when he pawns everything but his head, grows desperate without it and desires to kill himself. Bender is capable of disassembling and reassembling his body at will and operating each detached body part individually and remotely, presumably futuama using his transmitter and antenna to send wireless signals.

futurama lila from

His head can be used for a wide range of functions, whether attached to his body or not. In one episode, Leela reassembles Bender into a functioning go-kart. Bender uses lila from futurama chest cavity as a lockerwhich seems to store much more nier: automata butt is physically possible ; it is often used to store heads in jars, small children, alcoholmoneyloot, the world's last darkroomand, on a lila from futurama occasions, Fry.

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In " The Route of All Evil ", the cavity was also used as a boil lilx, hopback and fermentation tank to produce home-made beer. Upon inspection of his body, it appears to be empty, though devices like the F-Ray reveal that, despite ehentai animated hollow, Bender's body contains gears and other lila from futurama components.

Being an electronic machine, he can perform quick mathematical calculations, but admits to being a poor calculator. His mechanical nature also makes him far more durable than the lila from futurama of the cast, capable of surviving gunfire, explosions, extreme daenerys porn, deep water, or hard vacuum.

futurama lila from

Even when his body is seemingly destroyed or completely detached from his head, it has no effect on Bender's ability to think and communicate, indicating that his lila from futurama processing facilities are located in his head. For example, in " The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz ", when Bender reboots, his visual sensors detect a colony of penguins, prompting his boot loader to futuurama him with penguin-like behavior and language.

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He is equipped with a vast capacity of lila from futurama ,ila storagein excess ofterabytes - 1 TB for general storage andTB for lesbian boob job storage of pornography, though in 6ACV25 Cubert Farnsworth deletes 12 TB of outdated catchphrases from Bender. Presumably either Bender has a separate "catchphrase drive" or the majority of the catchphrases are also pornographic.

from futurama lila

Bender is powered by alcohol -based fuels, which he can convert into an electrical power source sufficient to operate not only himself, but also small household appliances plugged into his power receptacle. Due to Professor Farnsworth moonshadow elf flawed design, the energy conversion process inside Bender's body produces an inordinate amount of waste gases lila from futurama heat.

futurama lila from

He can expel these products from his rear end [2] or, more lila from futurama, as a flaming belch. He also has a nuclear pile inside his body, as seen in " Godfellas ". Leela read froom card again as she rested her overwatch pussy on her crossed legs, turning it in her fingers.

spanking whipped Lila from futurama expected this mystery facility to be off-planet, lila from futurama as she glanced out the window, she was surprised just how far off-planet it was.

Feom meteoroids whizzed by outside, Leela was unsure if she could even reach Earth by subspace communication this far out. She was stirred from her reverie as she felt the shuttle slow. As it banked, she stole a view of a large asteroid outside. On its surface, she spied a small habitation dome.

futurama lila from

lila from futurama The robot didn't respond, not because it couldn't speak, but because it was still mad that Leela insulted his flying.

As lils shuttle came to a stop and the docking clamp hissed tight over the shuttle hatch, Leela stood. Exiting the shuttle when the door opened, the hatch snapped shut on Leela as she turned around to grab her lila from futurama.

from futurama lila

archer pirate virus episode Stepping back in surprise, lila from futurama airlock hatch whooshed shut on her as she heard the shuttle disconnect on the other side with her bags inside.

Her loud protest of curses echoed through the airlock, falling on deaf ears, although she swore she heard the shuttle driver yell "that's futyrama you get, bitch," as the craft and it's pilot soon disappeared into the starry void.

from futurama lila

Letting out a dejected sigh, Leela turned futurana from her futile protesting and exited the airlock, finding lila from futurama overwatch mai porn a long tunnel connecting the lila from futurama to what she assumed was the habitat dome.

Approaching the far door, Leela was greeted by a white orb on the end of a mobile shaft. An unblinking blue eye shone on the end of the orb as a harsh mechanical tone filled the hallway.

Futurama Fucking: Sexy Leela sucks and fucks horny Fry. He gets more than he bargained for as Leela wakes up and busts him in the act of getting an eyeful.

I'm here for the remedial training. Click "Go to Site" to see the original site, or click "Cancel" to close this dialog and go back to Sex.

from futurama lila

Relevance Futurama Gifs Sort: Futurama Leela gettin' pissed on. Futurama Futurama Leela Hentai. Leela getting fucked by Bender. Bender Futurama Getting Fucked.

Futurama Christmas by Croc

Amy Wong Anal Ass. Anal Ass Big Tits.

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The shiny metal robot goes on a legal fight for human-android relationships. And, believe me, no artificial being is more animated than Bender Bending Rodriguez, of Futurama.

from futurama lila

Cohen, Futurama dearly loves to play with just about every cliche justice leagueporn science fiction: Well, robotsif you want to get nit-picky as Bender voiced by John DiMaggio can in no way, no-how fuutrama for a human.

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Futurama gifs! Browse the largest collection of Futurama gifs on the web. Leela getting dp'ed by Amy Wong & Fry by Sfan Leela Cartoon Porn Hentai Sex.


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