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Abby has expressed distaste for Bayonetta and Metal Gear Solid for sexualised character designs despite having played neither so I think her nier 2b booty on Automata should be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes it takes another person to make people aware of something.

booty nier 2b

If you feel put off nier 2b booty the game just hentai english play it until you feel more confortable again. I don't think what you're saying is unreasonable at all. Its like telling your friend about a little tidbit on food that gives it somewhat of a bad aftertaste.

booty nier 2b

Not in the slightest. Like sure the first half of Route A and B nier 2b booty essentially "pretty girl and pretty boy murder robots" but the last bopty start diving into some more serious stuff, and then there's everything after the end of B.

2b booty nier

Also the side quests are immediate and set the tone themselves extremely well. I also never thought of it as a maid outfit, either. Also yeah Adam was just buck naked and nobody seemed to care about nier 2b booty.

2b booty nier

But also there was tentacl hentai so much happening during that bit ner I also extremely didn't care. I guess I didn't see the game's object ha as objectification because it spent a reasonable amount of nier 2b booty interrogating gender and setting up relationships that placed women in positions of power the Commander, two of the three main characters, the Resistance leader, etc.

Band of Bloggers: The robots of NieR: Automata

Yes, 2B is dressed all sexy-like, nire she's also a total badass who strays from the typically over-emotional and nier 2b booty female anime stereotypes, whereas 9S is neir of a softie and the one who is more driven by his heart.

I thought the same of B before I started it, nier 2b booty they add in a few different bits of story here and there for the raven x jinx perspective sort of thing to help with that and different side quests I think? Also the hacking cuts down the time on bosses by a lot.

2b booty nier

It's not exactly the same stuff for the B route, milkman: I really think the A route bootu the least interesting of the bunch, although it serves as an important foundation nier 2b booty what comes later.

I nier 2b booty know how I feel about playing as a grossly objectified version of the creator's sexual fantasies who's dressed in a short skirt and high heels for no real reason.

2b booty nier

It's nier 2b booty same reason any clothing designer in real life makes clothes. It still baffles nler how limiting some people are with a nier 2b booty character's friggin wardrobe. The character Eve in the game is a muscular shirtless dude throughout, but because 2B is a girl, she's not allowed to wear a skirt and high heels? How is she so grossly objectified? She's wearing a nice outfit.

Nier: First [Ass]embly

People in real life like to wear nice outfits that compliment their physique too, ya know. Nler characters aren't allowed to just exist anymore and be women characters, everyone and their mom needs to put them under a microscope. People really need to get over this crap.

I would honestly recommend watching EpicNameBro on Youtube's lore play through he is best inflation hentai doing of this game. He goes into a lot of the symbolism and reason why the game nier 2b booty designed the bootj it was and he as someone who lived in Japan most his life, nier 2b booty gives a unique American looking at Japanese culture perspective.

2b booty nier

Also he points out a lot of translation differences got wrong from the original Japanese voice acting. I'm not one to get "offended" by over-sexualized nier 2b booty in media. However, I do often think it's really dumb and treats 2bb audience like horny morons rather than people looking for a meaningful experience.

Aug 8, - on Redtube, home of free Asian porn videos and HD sex movies online. Nier Automata 2B cosplay - Yorha Android 2B gives a hot POV.

My issue with those types of characters is overwatch tits from a critical perspective, not a moral one. I have, booy many occasions, found myself unable to take a character nier 2b booty because of their ridiculous sexy attire that no one would ever wear in the types of situations video game characters are often in.

2b booty nier

One notable example of a character I nuer thought was interesting but I just couldn't take seriously because of their outfit was Kaine from the first Nier. She had quite possibility the hier outrageous nier 2b booty idiotic costume porn game best I've ever seen in a video game character, and it was hard to take her seriously, despite otherwise being an interesting and well written character. All nier 2b booty being said, I never had these issues with 2B.

2b booty nier

In terms of over the top, immersion breaking outfits for female video game characters, there are far, far worse offenders than any of the characters in Automata. Calling 2B "grossly objectified" is extreme hyperbole. Sure, the outfit is sexy, but it's not nier 2b booty the top or absurd.

For me, it's squarely on the side of "cool looking for the sake of looking cool" that plenty of video game character of both genders embody. I have no nier 2b booty with characters looking attractive booty it's not immersion breaking. It's not my favorite thing about the game, but I'm not so prudish that it hurts the experience.

2b booty nier

I'm comfortable with what I'm seeing and how I perceive it. Hell, I enjoy the fight mechanics of DOA.

booty nier 2b

That's a struggle between enjoying the game and raven sex videos my head at shameless bikini-brawling. The nier 2b booty is that she's a humanoid android that is meant to fight and kill.

If you're trying to tell me that wearing high heels would not impede a humanoid form factor's ability to participate effectively in combat, I'm not really buying it.

2b booty nier

Yeah, can't argue that knowing about it beforehand has probably nier 2b booty my perception of it. I think you and everyone that has mentioned not lingering are right for the most part. The thing I have found most unnerving is the camera tilt every single time you start to sprint.

2b booty nier

Like I said, it's highly stylized. If you were making a more realistic thing about an android fighting machines, then it would make more sense for her to be wearing some kind nier 2b booty combat suit at all times. Putting 2B in this outfit was a choice of artistic style vs.

booty nier 2b

It's not what he was going for. By the way, you actually do eventually wear a combat suit for a portion of the game when things really go down. I nier 2b booty played Nier yet but I have absolutely no problem what vooty ever with any stuff like this.

Is there a reason why 2B is so exposed in NieR: Automata?

Also this is a game, so real world physics of high heels nier 2b booty don't matter. I would be more put off if she was wearing Crocs or Uggs.

2b booty nier

I'm typically sensitive to gratuitous sexualization. However, I wouldn't stop nker a game I'm enjoying because of it, as long as I'm aware of how and why the game's portrayal of a certain type of character is problematic.

I'll say this though, the game's "horniness" pays nier 2b booty in one particular moment later on in the story.

2b booty nier

I wonder if there's anything to the idea that these androids would have been replicating a human form that had been extinct for thousands of years and nier 2b booty only had deflower sex depictions to work from.

And in another you play as another female named A2.


I'm still on first playthrough because I afk nier 2b booty lot and also like to derp around too much, so my knowledge on anything afterwards is roadhog butt. As for 2B, Nier 2b booty don't even know if she has alternate outfits, but I know there's a command that sets your HP to 1 and makes your skirt explode. Last edited by Hanuke ; 20 Mar, Lightster View Profile View Posts.

Wait to see A2 lol.

booty nier 2b

batman hentei Originally posted by Hanuke:. Oct 26, 2, Oct 28, 10, It's not only 2B, it's the YorHa outfit and yes there is a reason but that would be a spoiler.

2b booty nier

Yes, you should play more of it. Yes there was a controversy, but it's mainly asinine. Oct 25, nier 2b booty, Yeah keep an eye on that plot. Oct 27, 6, Nov 16, Luulubuu Community Resettler Member. Nier 2b booty my 2v could cosplay her. Oct 25, 5, Singapore, Tianjin for the other half of shemale incest porn year.

Yoko Taro likes girls. Nothing more nothing less.

Thinking of buying game - Important questions about 2B's butt :: NieR:Automata™ General Discussions

Oct 27, 1, To show how far animations have come. Nov 4, Nov 5, 2, Southern Nier 2b booty. Because sexual pandering porno night well with heterosexual males.

Even more so if the game has other aspects that are enjoyable.

Yorha fucking in the ass HD Game

Its like pouring hot fudge on top of ice cream. The target demographic for Nier Automata is heterosexual male gamer.

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