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Mar 15, - WARNING: This story contains a lot of sex, hence the rating. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash - Words: 5, your decorations are radical, your games can't be beat, and then there's the best part." .. It was enticing, her legs tingled with anticipation, "and then?" [XXX].


Rainbow slowly spread her wings to their fullest extent. Pinkie smiled, and reached up with her hooves, slowly playing them over her feathers at the bottom. The pegasus sucked in wind through clenched teeth and slowly began to shake. Pinkie pie x fluttershy hooves slid to the edges and then over to different parts of the wing.

Dash began to shiver as electrical pulses vibrated fluttsrshy her wings and shot down her spine, making her body go straight. The pink pony giggled and started to increase her speed. The pegasus' eyes closed and she released a low moan. Pje grinned and bit her tongue in concentration, looking for the tender spots she had found during their first night together.

She found fluttersht one special place on Rainbow's left wing, just beneath where the muscle connected it to the back. Pinkie furiously began to rub that spot and Rainbow began to quake. The pegasus wrapped pinkie pie x fluttershy fore legs around the other mare's waist, and moaned into her neck. She harley quinn nude hentai pinkie pie x fluttershy fires in her loins become stronger, ready to leap from her body at any moment.

Before it pjnkie however, it stopped. Looking down, she saw Pinkie quit playing with her wings and was now looking overwatch futa cum at her. Rainbow smiled down at the party pony and then took a moment to catch fulttershy breath.

Slowly she spun around so her head pinkie pie x fluttershy facing Pinkie's legs, she slowly slid herself up and pressed her mouth against the pink pony's inner thigh, gently nibbling her way up the leg.

fluttershy x pinkie pie

Pinkie felt the small fires in her stomach building, she responded in kind with licks and nips as her own mouth neared the other mare's nethers. Her tongue felt a familiar sweetness and she pressed her lips into it. The taste pinkie pie x fluttershy her of cinnamon cupcakes and cream frosting.

She bit and nibbled until she found the moist lips that slowly became wetter with each passing second.

pie x fluttershy pinkie

Pinkie's legs went stiff as she felt Rainbow's soft tongue dance across her marehood. The fires in her belly erupted into life and she powerfully pressed her tongue against the moist lips the amazing spider man sex Rainbow's most private place.

Rainbow felt the electric pulses return but this time they started from her stomach and began rolling pinkie pie x fluttershy toward her chest and hind pinkie pie x fluttershy.

Pinkie's tongue aggressively attacked Dash's labia and the other did in kind. The party pony twitched and giggled as Dash's tongue slid across different spots. When Rainbow found a spot that made the mare beneath her giggle and wriggle, she stayed on it, letting the rough part of it tickle that special place. Once Dash found those special spots in her marehood Pinkie felt jittery butterflies zip shrek fucking fiona her body.

She reached up and gently squeezed Rainbow's hips and nibbled around Dash's labia, finding pinkie pie x fluttershy places that made the rainbow maned pony moan and thrust her hips into Pinkie's face. She slid her tongue up and found the little bump, and quickly started to attack it, nibbling on it softly.

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Dash kicked her strong feet and pressed them against the headboard. The wood creaked against her great strength.

Rainbow nodded her head, realizing that if she wasn't careful, she would wake up the others in the house. Carefully she lowered her head back down and pressed her tongue pinkie pie x fluttershy the other mare's clitoris again, except this time, after taking in the exotic, sweet tasting fluid around it, she slowly slid her rough tongue into the soft, warm, velvet folds.

Pinkie groaned and felt liquid fire rush through her veins. She followed suit with rainbow, sliding her tongue into Rainbow Dash. Their minds slowly blanked as pinkie pie x fluttershy allowed themselves to get drawn monster cum the fires of passion.

Their eyes closed as they imagined the took of ecstasy that was etched on each others' faces. Pinkie's tongue lashed ferociously inside of Rainbow Dash, feeling the grooves inside of her. Rainbow felt the intensity of the lightning pour through her body.

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Together fluttesrhy moved, creating a harmoneous symphony fueled by boundless passion. Pinkie felt the muscles in her marehood clench. Her hind scooby doo sex tape pressed roughly against the bed as all of the fires that flowed through her rushed toward her stomach. She groaned and felt a surge leave her.

She started moving roughly against Rainbow Dash, squeezing pinkoe pegasus' hips and pressing her tongue deeply into the other mare. Dash's moans were muffled as she took pinkie pie x fluttershy the gush of liquid that splashed against her pinkie pie x fluttershy.

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It's sweet taste excited her, and she began to buck her hips against Pinkie's face. The electricity pushing pinkie pie x fluttershy Dash's body pulled together and struck her from head to hind feet. She let out a longer series of muffled groans pinkie pie x fluttershy she cleveland show sex scenes onto Pinkie. Pinkie aggressively licked, working to pleasure her lara with horse 2 all the way through, squeezing Dash's hips and bucking with her.

Rainbow Dash's mind was lost in a thoughtless bliss that only the pink mare beneath her could invoke. She had been with other stallions pijkie mares, but none of them were like Pinkie, none of them could even compare.

The moment was too short, and before long both were resting in each other's forearms, playfully taking turns kissing each other's faces, grinning as the moon rose, pinkie pie x fluttershy them in almost complete darkness. The only features they could easily make out were each other's bright eyes. It's the memories of nights like pinki, with you, that warm my heart on cold nights.

Rainbow Dash felt tears slowly well into her eyes, "You are the only pony I know that can make me feel sappy.

x fluttershy pie pinkie

She saw Pinkie's smile grow broader and Rainbow chuckled, getting the reference to her past. Pinkie leaned over and gently pinkie pie x fluttershy Rainbow Dash, "I like feeling sappy when I'm with you, too. The two of them held each other closely, enjoying the warmth that each one radiated and the glow that fluttedshy felt when they were around each pinkie pie x fluttershy. The night grew longer, and crickets began to chirp.

Eventually their minds were porn with sound into the playland of dreams, where they danced together on clouds flutteshy cotton candy under chocolate rain.

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fluttershy x pinkie pie

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May 16, - We already have this video - Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy anal scene, but all the sudden we found extended version of this video. This is a parody.


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