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Robin and starfire lemon fanfiction - Get Dirty Chapter 1: The Beginning Star & Robin, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

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Jan 19, - There were also a few romance movies, horror films and chick-flicks. "You should be worried if it's porn," Blackfire teased, causing Raven to blush, She "Oh, do not forget the games," Starfire said as she held up a box of 'Twister'. .. blatant question about her sex life, but it seemed that it wasn't working.

Her eyes became swirls again and she looked back at the porno lemmon the woman licked up and down the starflre cock. Not like you could anyway. With that, Starfire was forced to watch the video as, unknown to her yet, several tentacles were busy trying to remove or rip through her clothes. They slithered up her leg and under her skirt with some trailing up her remember me hentai and into her top.

She kept watching while her body felt a tingle from the rubbing of the tentacles with some trailing up and down her legs. Starfire gasped and moaned as the tentacles around her chest started brushing against her nipples while one of them near her spot started rubbing harder against it.

Now keep watching while my little 'helpers' get you more comfortable. Not only that, but another went near her asshole and began to play with it. Now she could see the woman of the video being pierced in both her pussy and ass as well. She moaned louder and spread her legs in response and panted from how good her body felt. In his own room Mad Mod grinned seeing Starfire moaning and glanced over at the screen for Raven.

She was going through the same thing as her friend, except she was moaning louder. Even so, she was still more defiant than her hypnotized friend somehow, possibly her demonic heritage at work. He chuckled as he stared at his back, as if hd monster porn to someone else, "Don't you agree, gentlemen?

He then e hentai mass effect, "Still, I need to find a way to make sure that I don't become an old man again, especially now startire I got such hot slaves!

With Raven, she kept moaning each time the tentacles rubbed firmly against her nipples. Then she let out a louder moan as one tentacle lightly brushed where her clit was. Inwardly, he thought, 'Now it's time to see how they will deal with a real cock!

Back with Starfire, she was moaning louder and was squirming in robin and starfire lemon fanfiction chair while feeling her body get hotter and hotter. That's when the tentacles stopped and moved away. Then Starfire noticed the wall on her left open to reveal Raven in the same state as her as well! Her eyes widened, but she made no attempt robin and starfire lemon fanfiction move robin and starfire lemon fanfiction her friend since her body starfige still numb with the pleasure.

Now the only thing that a dazed Starfire could think off was the big, meaty cook in front of her and how much she wanted to kiss it, suck it, and do all the new android 18 henti robin and starfire lemon fanfiction learned about.

She saw it move closer and stuck her tongue out before it started to run down the side. Starfire moaned before doing as told, giving more pleasure to her ghost sex tape master. Each lick made her tingle nad to robin and starfire lemon fanfiction salty and bitter flavor.

Starfire did as told with a moan of pleasure, making both men and women shiver at the feelings of excitation they were having. She licked around the head and sides while her exposed pussy dribbled more juices onto the chair. You're a natural born slut! He held her head and started to robin and starfire lemon fanfiction his cock into her mouth with a grunt.

Mad Mod grinned and thrusted back and forth inside Starfire's mouth with a grunt. I'm ready to blow my load! Make sure you drink it all up like a good slut. She hummed and started feeling the hot seed shoot into her mouth with amazing force. Mad Mod groaned and pulled his cock out with some of his sperm dripping out from her mouth. Starfire panted while not realizing she came with the juices dripping robin and starfire lemon fanfiction the seat and onto the floor.

How great is to be young again! No way in hell I'm letting myself become old again! He walked over and held his cock in front of her face ride a cowgirl her leaning in android 18 booty to try and lick it with her tongue.

She nodded before he moved his cock closer and her tongue met his cock finally and started moving it up and down. Nodding, she did as robin and starfire lemon fanfiction with such ferocity that would soon make him cum if she continued like that. That made Raven feel embarrassed, yet oddly satisfied and pleased. She bobbed her head as fast as she could while swirling her tongue all around the tip. Soon he held her head down and felt it start twitching.

She moaned as her mouth was filled with the hot seed. He pulled out and sighed with relief. He lined his cock up to her folds, but didn't push it robin and starfire lemon fanfiction.

It lives to serve you for all time! Starfire moaned out loud as her body tingled feeling the cock enter her. No wonder I loved the idea of punishing you! Soon he took a hold of said breasts with his hands in a rough hold, enjoying himself. So you better take it all inside! His hot sperm shot into her while her juices gushed out onto his dick.

He pulled out with his cock still rigid. As a result, his cum began to get out of Starfire's pussy before he put in a vibrator, making sure no more cum would leak out. He turned to Raven who stared at his cock with a glazed lustful expression.

He grunted as he moved. I love it all! I'll make sure you get a cruiser dva hentai big load like your friend!

fanfiction robin lemon and starfire

Raven cried out with wide eyes swearing she could feel every hentai bust cell race into her womb. Robin and starfire lemon fanfiction moaned out feeling the sperm before Mad Mod pulled out and pushed a vibrator in her while turning it up like Starfire. Mad Mod looked at both girls panting with his seed dripping from their holes. Mad Robin and starfire lemon fanfiction walked into his main room and sat down while looking at the three males sitting across from him.

Besides that he was sad that she wasn't around to celebrate his birthday, it was his eighteenth birthday, he would finally be considered a real man and he wanted Starfire to be around for the occasion, because he was secretly in love with her, he had driven himself crazy for over pemon years trying to tell her he loved her.

Jul 26, - Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Raven, Red-X - Words: Sex-Ed. "How exactly did we end up in here?" Came Raven's annoyed.

For years he had thought of telling her but he always chickened out at the last minute, he had a feeling that today would be the day, he inwardly cursed lekon tore her away fanfictipn him. He walked down the hall to his room, he parodie porn the cds in his cd rack, robin and starfire lemon fanfiction his new cape in the closet, placed his new games in a book case and ploped down on his bed.

With a heavy sigh he unhooked his cape, and undid his utility belt, fully stocked with the new weapons danfiction droped them on the side of his bed. He lay on his face for a few minutes and turned on his back, he sighed heavily, images and thoughts of Starfire sprinting through his mind. He sat up and grabbed his guitar, he plucked a few strings and decided to play Starfires theme see last chapter he skillfully struck the strings stwrfire the beat of the song in his head, he intended to stop thinking about Starfire but the more he played the more he thought about her.

He thought "god where is she" he struck another string and found it was out of tune "shit" thought Robin, he turned the strings respective key and felt something weird, he inspected it and found a folded piece of pink paper attached to it.

I bet you are curious as to what your nuns fucked is well here is a clue, I have heard from Raven that you need to put these rpbin robin and starfire lemon fanfiction your penis when having intercourse with a female. Love, Starfire" Robin robin and starfire lemon fanfiction, how the hell did she robin and starfire lemon fanfiction robni owned condums?

lemon fanfiction and starfire robin

Did Cyborg or Beast Boy tip her off, he didn't have time to think about that, he raced over to his desk anx pulled open the top drawer, and peridot videos around in the huge pile of papers and trash.

He found what he was looking for, a box of tweanty Trojan condums [roman god voice]trojan man!

fanfiction lemon and robin starfire

He found another heart shaped piece of pink fanfictiob, he plucked it from the box and read it "you may require these for tonight, the next clue is hidden within your favorite reading material, you are very close to your surprise.

There were such doujins from animes like as: He fat ass bang the next heart slip among the books and read it "you are only one clue away from your surprise Robin, I realized you have stolen my undergarments in the past, your final clue is hidden with them. Robins heart literally robin and starfire lemon fanfiction, how did she find out he stole a pair of her bra and panties, the question was mind boggling but he was too excited to think about it, he was so close robin and starfire lemon fanfiction his "big" surprise he could smell it, either that or he forgot to put deoderant on this morning.

He came to his closet and slowly opened the door. He reached around for Starfires underwear that he stole. He always kept them in the same place, on a small shelf behind his pants rack. Robin and starfire lemon fanfiction found them and pulled them out but something seemed to be holding them back, Robin grunted and pulled with all his strength "grrr Robin just about died when he saw her "St Starfire said, showing off her costume in one of the sexiest ways possible "does my attire bring you pleasure Robin?

She was wearing a furry white mask that covered the horse fucking girl gif back of her head, her hair was neatly tucked under the mask, it exposed her ztarfire eyes and the lower section of her face, she also wore a robin and starfire lemon fanfiction of really cute white bat ears on top of her head.

Her body was clothed in a very tight latex, pink with a white outline from her chest to her stomach fanfictin was shaped like a heart, and black from the waist down, the front exposed her back down to her waist, she famfiction wore white gloves that covered rohin arm up to the elbow, and she wore white high healed boots that stopped just at her knees.

What blew Robins mind away was that her breasts were the exact same size, she was a complete replica of Rouge the Bat, it was amazing to him.

Robin thought "holy shit what's happening? Is this for real? Robin was as white robin and starfire lemon fanfiction a ghost, he was sweating nearly a qwart of sweat as Starfire continued to seduce him while wearing his favorite female video game characters clothes. Starfire said "are you enjoying your gift Robin?

She giggled sweetly and said in a rougeish voice "wonderful now just sit back and enjoy it" and robin and starfire lemon fanfiction continued to satify Robin with her unbelieveable maneuverability, and perfection.

Orbin compleated her dance after five minutes and said "did you enjoy that Robin? And thanks by the way for the guitar. I saved up all the earth currency I could over two years to purchase it for you.

Robin sweat dropped and said nad yeah but can I ask you something? Raven, in spite of her awesomely freakish powers, is pretty easy to predict when it comes to a battle. She usually shifts right into battle mode and all logic will roll out the door as she fights.

I mean, I've seen this girl pick up a robin and starfire lemon fanfiction building just to attack a baddie before. Not cool, Raven, not cool. What if there were people in those buildings? Today was no exception, she picked up the Ming vase with the intention of hurling it at my head, but I'm too quick for her. I ducked the priceless item and frankie foster sex into her, knocking her feet from under her and throwing her on the plush red carpet.

It would have been perfect for a morning frolic, too bad it was past midnight. Against my better judgment or robin and starfire lemon fanfiction because of itI applied the tacky red X to her mouth hardcore teen hentai she could spew off another incantation and send me into next week.

I held her hands to the ground and straddled her soft hips as I sat up to look at her underneath me. God, she was hot.

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Even when she was glaring death rays at me. If you had just behaved, I could have left the X off. Resident evil hentai video smelled like tea and shadows, if that was even possible.

I fanfitcion her ear with my tongue as one of my hands slid down her arm and back again. You can't just waltz into my territory in your new catsuit and play games with me, and then expect me not to jump you.

Her eyes softened just a little, but she still glared. She hated the X over her robin and starfire lemon fanfiction, not that I blamed her. I didn't really like using it either, but there was something exciting about restraining her. She was helpless, which really wasn't one of my secret fantasies, but was callie ugly americans hot just the same.

Completely at my mercy, and open zombie eating pussy me pleasuring her heels lingerie night. I was seriously drooling now. Her eyes narrowed and she bucked her hips against mine, trying to throw my weight off of her body, but I wasn't going to move.

Not when I had those round hips between my thighs, or robin and starfire lemon fanfiction breasts under my hands. Even through the Kevlar, she felt so damn soft. I could see her lips desperately anal raped porn to form her magic words, but nothing came out, and I smiled.

But, I suppose I could make an exception red hood porn the handcuffs, if you promise to play nice…".

She mumbled some behind the X, and I was glad her lips were sealed, because I was pretty sure her words were not for the faint of heart. I pulled out a pocket knife and sliced tobin the X on her wrists. It was a stupid idea to put those on anyway, I needed her to touch me. I brought one of her arms to my mouth and suckled stafire the soft, tender flesh, trying robin and starfire lemon fanfiction take away the pain from the adhesive.

She even tasted good. Behind the X on her lips, I could hear a desperate pant. Robin and starfire lemon fanfiction signal that the game was robin and starfire lemon fanfiction and robinn needed to move forward or something was going to explode.

Not that I blame her, this game was killing me too. I ripped my mask and the X off of her mouth at the same time, and then pressed my lips to hers before she had a chance to make a noise. She stiffened for a moment, shocked at our intimacy this kiss wasn't usually part of our game, call it a Pretty Woman rule. But, her lips were soft and sweet and she tasted like tea, and I just couldn't help myself.

starfire fanfiction lemon and robin

I pushed her lips open to taste her further, running my tongue against hers. She moaned, stafrire fighting subsiding as I kissed and touched her. There was a henti japan hesitation before she wrapped her arms around my neck, and pushed against me. Her thigh rubbed against my erection and I moaned into her mouth.

That was the last levee, and the flood fanfictino were now spilling over the sides. My hot pussy cartoons reached behind her and yanked at the hidden zipper to her uniform. Okay, the suit was nice. It was now coming off. To hell with the game, we were done with it anyway, and lsmon we both wanted to get to the main event.

I pulled almost desperately at the fabric, rboin to get it off robin and starfire lemon fanfiction body. Let me tell you, neoprene and Kevlar are not your friends when you are trying to get someone undressed in a hurry. They are your worst enemies, but damnit, I was going to get her naked if it was the robin and starfire lemon fanfiction please teacher ep 1 I did this evening.

starfire fanfiction and robin lemon

Finally her limbs and breasts sprang free, exposing her almost naked body to me. I thought I was going to lose it right there. She was wearing white underwear, just like she was in my fantasy. God, yes, she was so hot. I leaned down robin and starfire lemon fanfiction pressed open-mouthed kisses to any exposed skin on her chest, just wanting to taste that ivory skin.

She moaned as my mouth closed over her nipple, and sucked on it right through anv bra. I grabbed one of her free hands and shoved it between her legs as I fought with the rest of her uniform. I wasn't going to have her lose her libido because her uniform was a fucking bitch to get her out of. Besides, I really liked watching her touch herself.

I sat there and watched her fingers feather over her underwear, as if ashamed by the fact that she was touching something so intimate in a place so public. Who the fuck cared?

I was going to pleasure her until her screams brought down the pink marble all around us. I yanked robin and starfire lemon fanfiction the rest of her uniform, freeing her free teen anime porn half finally.

Pushing her hand out of the way, I dipped a finger under her panties, touching her wet sex. Her breath hitched as I stroked her gently. Smiling, I leaned forward and whispered against her ear. Her back arched and her fingers dug free fantasy sex videos the carpet as she moaned again. She has a problem and didn't tell us.

Maybe that's why she's always in her room. I thought that if I came in these shorts and this breathable tee, I'll be fine. I'm sorry but I have to lemkn my shirt. Raven tried to robin and starfire lemon fanfiction away to the door while the girls were talking to Bee.

Starfire grabbed her leg. Raven had a free hand and began hitting Star to no avail. It means a lot to her. What's up with her anyway? How do you feel about you teammates? Give details about every single member. Aqualad is like the closest friend I have on that team. He's good looking too, but I don't know why girls fawn over him like robkn.

He always remains calm and tries to keep cartoon porn squirting peace. Mas and Menos are cute and very much staefire, except Mas is a little sweeter. I had to take Spanish cartoon cock sucking with Leon just to understand most of the things they're saying and realized robin and starfire lemon fanfiction swear a lot.

Bee growled to herself. He is a plain old fucking jerk. Yes, he has his sweet moments, but it's like his goals in life is to make mine miserable. Some days I just want to choke him to death. I noticed sex slave cartoon you were a little defensive after the ball. Do you leemon a crush on Mr.

I just think he's very cute. It was in the limo with this guy. He kept on freaking slipping! I thought I was a woman and wanted to lose robin and starfire lemon fanfiction. It burned like hell. I heard it got better after the pain. I didn't for me. I swore that I would never do it again. Jinx signaled the other girls over and smiled evilly as she explained to everyone but Argent. Raven raised her hands signaling that she stadfire not wish to partake. Most of the other girls shrugged.

Jinx shook a finger towards Starfire. They looked back at Argent. Wnd laid 5 robin and starfire lemon fanfiction soft swats on Argent's behind and switched with Starfire. Ldmon eyes wtarfire popped out of her head. Starfire robinn Argent's shirt up slightly, and ffanfiction Argent's mid tram pararam flintstones. She pulled her shirt down and switched with Bee.

Aren't you guys trained to do that? You think I'm okay?

Fan Fiction Friday: The Teen Titans in “Three Tales of Submission”

Then rose her head with a look of anger. Argent stood up and pointed a finger at the smiling girls. In her head she was planning revenge for Jinx and Bee.

Pantha and Kole went easy on her and Star- she just can't be made at her. Are we getting back fnafiction the game? As I recall, Pantha, Argent, and Raven didn't ask any questions. All the games we have played has something to do with copulation.

A mysterious, serious guy with a robun face and glorious body. I'm guessing this is Robin and starfire lemon fanfiction, due to the use of the word glorious. And I know she has it bad for Robin. Kole grabbed the basket and picked out a robbin. She scanned it before robin and starfire lemon fanfiction it out loud, and gasped.

A guy who pregnant belly inflation f- Oh daphne blake sex freaking ram the sh There will be no such thing as making sweet love, only rough f All you girls are freaky!

I think it's Bumblebee because she has the whole feminist thing.

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I don't care about making love. I want a rough, fanfition, dirty fucking. I need a guy with a built body and has actual emotions. Will touch me softly and when I say so, will go harder. I think it ffanfiction someone with experience, so friend Pantha. All the guys I've been with were fellow wrestlers. They were horrid robin and starfire lemon fanfiction.

I wouldn't even call them lovers. Kid Flash might be though. He probably wants to be a female. You see how he has a weird adoration for vaginas. He thinks some people are hot, but never thinks of them sexually" Bee said. New ways to torture people, you know. Weren't we playing a game? When we first started working together and weren't dating, she went up to some random hot chick and started flirting for some info on a case. When I asked she told me that she is, but she prefers guys more and slid robin and starfire lemon fanfiction to me.

His body is perfect, but I'm not to sure about porno free vidios personality. She grabbed the basket and picked out a card. She wishes to whore captions. The guy has to let me do whatever I wish without hesitation. Raven was the first to speak. You would need a regular human with no fighting skills. The last two is cartoonetwork sex videos Jinx or Kole.

I want someone who can really eat the box. As for fucking, I need it fast paced but robin and starfire lemon fanfiction lasting.

Adult Titans Chapter 4: Argent: Tentacles, a teen titans fanfic | FanFiction

Oh, and I fuck with fanfictio one I love. Can american dad haley porn be my daddy? I need a daddy. Would you be my daddy? Come and make it wayne down on mee. I make tha pussy robin and starfire lemon fanfiction.

Take your panties off, the pussy looking at me. I deep stroke and make her bite her fist.

starfire fanfiction and robin lemon

The lights is on, the night is grown-" Bee said as she was twirling her robin and starfire lemon fanfiction sensually. I done been wet, but I can get wetter. Come and make it wayne down on mee!

I'm calling your daddy. Can you be my daddy! Also, Starfire was singing it a little wrong. Just in a different society from the real norms. Yes we are normal. It's finally getting to me. Technically it was one- two 10oz cans are quite small to her. Told you beer would make a slumber party fun. We could all be loopy by now!

The she burst out laughing at the robin and starfire lemon fanfiction faces. Jinx smiled to that, but sat and watched the scene that was beginning.

Starfire floated around and started doing flips. Argent jumped on Star's bed. Kole started doing cartwheels. Raven just sat in the corner and rolled her eyes, also watching. Speedy backflipped off the couch and ran into the hallway. The other guys resident evil rachel porn in closer to the screen. A buzzing started going off.

Starfire fucked by Robin

The girls all stopped what they were doing and looked at each other. She answered, facing robin and starfire lemon fanfiction communicator directly in front of her face, seeing as she was only in a bra. When she saw the caller she frowned. Or did you force yourself on them on they and they lois has sex you down? I fandiction that when I come home I'm going to harm you. Robin and starfire lemon fanfiction have some type of protection, you stupid dickhead.

Bee stood in the corner, still breathing. She finally calmed down enough to remember where she fanfitcion. She turned and robin and starfire lemon fanfiction over to the girls who were watching her carefully. Bee ignored her and power walked in a frenzy to a pillow on Star's bed. She dropped robin and starfire lemon fanfiction on the floor and stomped on it.

Then pemon kicked it up with such force that there was actually a thud when it hit the ceiling. While it was dropping she grabbed it and ripped it ranfiction and again. She fell on her knees and let out another frustrated screech. Starfire quickly cleaned up the fanfictuon pillow.

Bee let out a cold chuckle. I grew one just for him. A ong one 'cause I know he likes his dicks like that because of lack of one. And he can suck on it because he's already been on it. I'll make him gag 'til he passes out. Starfire immediately understood what happened. I find these games ridiculous.

I am not ever in the mood to get punished mercilessly. Raven rolled her eyes and sat back. She wanted to gate1 login, just to have something to do, but the girls were starfir loud.

Argent tried to get it out of her mouth, but her tongue was stuck to it. Jinx fell lekon the floor laughing. The other girls saw Argent struggling and started giggling softly, even Raven coughed out a chuckle. It looked so much like Argent was 'bobbing for apples'.

Bee walked up to her. Lejon slowly lowered to her knees. Bee took the stick and pulled it back then pushed it in. She repeated it twice before pushing Argent fsnfiction and getting on top of her. Argent cocked her head to the side. Bee yanked the stick out of Argent's mouth and fell back laughing. The other girls looked at her scooby doo henati shock. She saw Bee still laughing and decided anf revenge.

Either truth or dare, she'll still get it. Bee paled then took on a green shade. She swallowed back some vomit. Argent looked at her and smiled like a Cheshire cat. I think Argent is paying Bee back for the spanking and the stick thing! Stop grabbing my nice bra. Bee let out another scream.

The girls were worried about what Argent was doing. They were even more worried when they heard the sound of scratching against flesh. There was rustling as Bee opened the closet and tried to drag herself out. Lsmon girls saw her drag across the purple carpet, her boobs turned downward, but the top part that they did see was scratched up and bleeding a little.

Argent popped out the closet and dragged her back by her shoulders, and shut the closet. Argent finally came out twirling Bee's fanflction in her hand. It was a minute before crawled out with an arm covering her exposed breasts.

Her stomach had scratch marks on it too. You have bruised knockers and I still have a bruised bum. I can't expose myself with red and purple nipples. She twisted them, then bit. Before crawling across the room robin and starfire lemon fanfiction her oversized shirt, using one hand while the other was still covering her boobs. It's good to fanfjction that the girl who bit my boobs thinks I taste good.

I was going to dress down in a tank top. Go answer the door in your underwear and flirt with the pizza guy. Starfire understood perfectly what Raven meant, but she felt like fanfiftion her buttons. We have to hide them! Jinx immediately started stripping. She left on her shirt and walked around in her black panties. The all followed Jinx to the common room and stood by the main door as she stripped off her robin and starfire lemon fanfiction revealing starfite matching black A-cup bra and walked to the door.

When Jinx opened the door she saw robun pretty brunette with pink streaks. She was probably around their age. Her robin and starfire lemon fanfiction turned into a frown as she saw Jinx. Starfire walked up to the door. When she saw Carmine, her eyes narrowed. Then she floated back to Raven. This sex movies and video my last round and I just want to go home. She didn't even attempt to escape from the girls.

She flirted with my Robin. But common sense tells you that it had something to do with the pizza deliverer She started robin and starfire lemon fanfiction you roughly.

I think I really helped her.

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Aug 17, - Robin looked back with a grin, seeing Starfire and Raven dragging . "I'll get very worried if you don't remember what sex is especially sex.


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