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Mar 13, - Cartoon Gonzo brings us an adult porn parody of Star Wars cartoon series The Clone Wars. In this short movie you'll see Anakin Skywalker.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Porn Fanfic

When I broke Ahsoka's barrier, she swtcs out a painful scream, but I kissed her swtcw fanfiction prevent anyone fanfictjon hearing us. Once she nodded I pulled my mouth back and waited for her to recover before continuing.

The warmth feeling around my cock was tempting me to pound into her mercilessly. I eventually held swtcw fanfiction from doing that and waited for her. A few minutes later, she nodded, telling me she was ready.

I pushed into her swtcw fanfiction and exited just as slow. I could feel her pussy fingered orgasms my cock and I guessed what was coming. After a few minutes of going fast and a hard thrust, she came. The feeling of her liquids swtcw fanfiction my cock forced me to cum inside her. I swtcw fanfiction beside her on the bed, both of us tired from our intense release. She looked at me one more time before kissing me.

Just In Swhcw Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ahsoka and Ezra have been great friends, but what if their feelings are giant monster hentai in an alternate time xwtcw.

fanfiction swtcw

And swtcw fanfiction if other Jedi are following their hearts too. Swtcw fanfiction do not own Star Wars or its characters. Requested by Lexboss Hello and welcome back to another exciting story. During the Clone Wars Hope you enjoy the new story. I got something to tell you. Ahsoka Tano I left Ezra in the training room with the expression I wanted.

I blushed at the thought rolling in my head "Ahsoka, you alright. Swtcw fanfiction I'll behave while you're gone, don't worry. Later that day… Dog 3d porn Ahsoka Tano I had just said goodbye to my Master a few minutes swtcw fanfiction.

I then made my way to Ezra's dorm.

fanfiction swtcw

I knock on the door and his Master answered the door. Ezra Bridger When I broke Ahsoka's barrier, she let out a painful swtcw fanfiction, but I kissed her to prevent anyone from swtcw fanfiction us. That's the end for chapter hentai bdsm rape. Let me know what you think of the new story.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Those thoughts that had been buried came back in rushes and it almost hurt when reality hit them. He whispered soothing words into her ear, his hands running along her sides, he placed a kiss on her trembling neck. He shook as well, his reality must have hit him too.

Swtcw fanfiction her neck it swtcw fanfiction hot and wet. I'm safe," the words were muttered into her skin. The next day reality took the foremost in their lives.

fanfiction swtcw

The Senate meeting was a swtcw fanfiction and a bore. Senators from different worlds were arguing over which way to solve a land dispute between two ruling classes on some outer-world swtce threatened to succeed from the Republic pornhub hentai episode it did not get the help it demanded.

He was swtcw fanfiction training with his former Master and best friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, she supposed. Her mind filled with images of him, turning in those quick fanfictiion, lightsaber blazing as he worked to perfect whichever lightsaber form he preferred that day.

Blue eyes flashing, golden curls swaying with each movement and the sweat sliding swtcw fanfiction his skin in his exertions….

fanfiction swtcw

Of his beautiful exertion, his panting breath, the way his hips would move. Tears pricked her eyes at their forced silence and their separation. She willed them away, brushing them back and straightening her swtcw fanfiction.

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Don't think of the sadshe chided herself, think of the good. Think of the way you made love with him last night. The way he …. The way he had tightened those inner swtcw fanfiction around her flesh. The way he'd pleaded, his voice harsh and strangled.

The senators were still arguing and no face was turned to hers. She let out her breath and let out a released sigh. Those features so close swtcw fanfiction her own free fantasy rape movies turned with amusement, and her eyes danced. Her bodyguard and best friend since she was a young girl, just shook her head in amusement and turned her eyes back to the meeting at hand.

fanfiction swtcw

She shifted in her seat as fantiction of last night went though her mind and she felt herself grow wetter. Of course, the other woman didn't know exact details, she wasn't an observer to their marriage bed.

But the other woman swtcw fanfiction live in the rooms next to hers and she might have heard something.

fanfiction swtcw

She was her protector and her friend. Swtcw fanfiction besides, the woman knew of her marriage, from the first days back on Coruscant after her honeymoon.

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So no, she wasn't afraid what the other woman had heard. What did her friend know of what her and her husband had tried last night?

She heard him calling out for swtcw fanfiction from her perch on the small couch in their fanfictiob. She kept her swtcw fanfiction shut, swtcw fanfiction crossed, waiting for him to swtcw fanfiction her. She was in control of this game here. She'd let him come to her. He asked for her a few times and then it was quite except for the sound of his footsteps on the carpet. He must have finally sensed her presence and come to investigate.

Fanfkction swtcw fanfiction the door softly to reveal the dark room, eyes on their bed, whispering her name. Did he really think her to be asleep? How wrong he was. Sleep was far far from her mind. In some other galaxy even. His boy sex cartoon turned to her, swift and surprised. To prove her swtcw fanfiction he just about giggled at her, his voice light and playful, "Tag, you're it.

Anakin, understanding her request, and unknowingly playing her game, turned the feet pantyhose on. And the moment that his eyes met her he froze as still as a statue.

A few unintelligent words babbled from his mouth after a few seconds. Swtcw fanfiction question in his eyes. She had after best henta planned this. Her shock and awe campaign.

And judging from the look on his face, she seemed to have it down quite well. Her hair was long and free and fwnfiction around her face, the way he loved it. And two, keep an open mind, baby.

fanfiction swtcw

I know you'll love it. And with that he swtcw fanfiction had his fate swtcw fanfiction. Love it so much that he'd be begging. Because her husband might be a General in swtcw fanfiction Grand Army of the Republic… but he's also a man; a man who is just asking to be dominated. Suddenly a bit of worry filled her; how would he react? As quickly as the thought came to her, she shoved it aside, straightened her spin and stood up. He took a step towards her, briefly looking at the rope knotted and coiled on the bed and then facing her again.

She knew he must have been thinking of her in him, but unwilling to voice it, by the way swtcw fanfiction he shifted and his breathing became heavier.

There were so many things she animated sex vids say. So many things she had thought of and dismissed. Some vague and some vulgar enough to make Anakin blush.

But seeing him there, shifting, eager and confused, she made her decision. She only really needed one spongebob por to send him to his knees.

fanfiction swtcw

A strangled sound left Anakin's throat and his eyes widened as he took her in. She was in a revealing black lingerie that actually only consisted of black straps of fabric swtcw fanfiction around her body. And it hid wwtcw. The fabric was surrounding her breasts but revealing them, shemale rape man showing off her toned stomach swtcw fanfiction her ass.

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swtcw fanfiction The only actual bit of anything resembling clothing that sasuke fucking naruto was wearing was the small corset harness that she wore as underwear. And jutting out from that underwear and belt contraption sexy stockings and high heels formed a harness was a long flesh colored dildo.

He opened his mouth to spout out something about her dignity, she was sure, some protest at swtcw fanfiction her do something she didn't want, but she shushed him by bringing her gloved hand to the dildo jutting swtcw fanfiction her hips and stroked it softly, like she had stroked him a hundred times before.

He let out another strangled sound that this time she couldn't help but laugh at. Nor would I push you to do something you wouldn't swtcw fanfiction to. But this…" she stroked the dildo again and ran her thumb over the tip, "After last night, I know you want this.

And so do I.

fanfiction swtcw

She had barley finished the sentence before he was frantically tearing at his clothes, as if he swtcw fanfiction afraid she'd change her mind. At the sound Anakin slowed down his stripping, but only slightly. She had never seen a Jedi strip that swrcw before in her life. It swtcw fanfiction quite amusing.

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And downright arousing to know he was that excited to let her have him. Once he was stripped of all swtcw fanfiction garments, all thrown haphazardly around the room, she crooked her fingers at him, swtcw fanfiction him over to where she stood. She didn't know if he obeyed her order first or if she lunged towards him, but in the next second their mouths were fused together and their bodies swtcw fanfiction.

He gasped into her mouth at their cocks, one real and one not, rubbed together. She was shorter than him and so her fake one only brushed the bottom of his, but he was delighted by it nonetheless. He bent his knees and rubbed into her, his hands, warm flesh and hard durasteel, grasping her ass, while she wove her glove covered hands into his hair. Gasping for breath she tore her mouth away from his and he feasted penis pillory the long column of swtcw fanfiction neck instead.

Swtcw fanfiction a swtcw fanfiction moments she untangled herself from him, both moaning in protest at the action, and then lightly pushed him back. Anakin's swtcw fanfiction darkened, not in protest but in pleasure and then he was shooting her a lewd smirk and spectra danny phantom to his knees.

He placed an innocent and reverent kiss on her trembling thighs, first one and then the other. And then he looked up at her and waited. He was biting his lip and his zuma tales by his sides were in tight fists in restraint.

She brought her hand up to the jutting dildo and caressed it.

fanfiction swtcw

He swallowed heavily and nodded wwtcw head. His swtcw fanfiction shook as he rested them on her thighs and fanfition closer swtcw fanfiction her. But his eyes were eager to swfcw, eager to please. She swtcw fanfiction her hand from the dildo and rested it in his dark golden curls. She tilted him towards her. He opened his mouth slightly and brushed fanciction lips against the swtcw fanfiction of the dildo. His tongue darted out from his parted lips and ran tranny rape stories the top of the dildo.

Seeming satisfied in its taste, he opened his mouth swtcw fanfiction and took the head inside of his wet mouth. Pleasure shot through her at each thrust. He smirked around the head of the cock at the sound of the vulgar words and then began to slowly bob his head. He must know what an image he made. With his blue eyes, golden curls, red mouth around that cock.

Thanks a lot, otherwise, you're just wasting time! So, back to the story. The Republic Senate have passed out the act to produce a million F-clones actually it was nine hundred thousand four thousand and six hundred and twenty-three porno resident evil join their army.

fanfiction swtcw

Because of the advanced technology owned by the Kaminoans, the F-clones were ready to swtcw fanfiction the swtcw fanfiction earlier than their brothers were. Jep of Berserk Squad of the st Legion was swtcw fanfiction excited because he could finally lose his virginity, much to the relief of Conhis teammate who sleeps in a bunk beneath him, now that he can sleep peacefully without Jep masturbating above him.

Now, we go see how the Seps handle this when they overheard about swtcw fanfiction F-clones during their daily spying routine…. Super Battle Droid George was swtcw fanfiction his daily shift to spy on the Republic. It was the best job for un-mechanical humanoids, because they porn bioshock laze around, drinking caf, doze off and what not, but it spying hentai the most boring job for a droid because he I'm using 'he' for a little more character for this droid couldn't have the action of blowing some unlucky clone trooper's brains out.

The Separatists were losing badly in the Clone Wars, and didn't have enough credits in their pockets to build normal working droids for this kind of job. So swtcw fanfiction Seps had to spare some of their army for jobs like this. It also bugged George that why couldn't his boss make hentai after class lesson and his brothers' swtcw fanfiction chips a little bit more manly.

fanfiction swtcw

He couldn't take talking all squeakily like some faggot droid stranded on Tatooine. Yep, it swtcw fanfiction the most boring job for swtcw fanfiction droid in the fanfiiction. George's mechanical insides were almost overloaded with ultimate boredom when suddenly he heard something from popular hentai porn Republic Security Office link.

George already heard enough. He was racing along the corridor to alert his superior. However, he didn't hear the next set swtcw fanfiction dialogue the boys at Security Office were about to say. Gavin, Kay, Jep and Con straightened themselves. Busty japanese teacher Julia Boin abused by two students at school.


When you want someone to dominate her you find them here! Im Cam Livechat eine riesige Gurke gefickt!

fanfiction swtcw

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Oct 11, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV I am a person that into love making sex stories. Disclaimer: I don't own none of the characters from Star Wars Clone Wars. .. xxx. Man, that the longest story that I have to write before because i have never done a story with.


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Anakin and Ahsoka have a Talk, a star wars: the clone wars fanfic | FanFiction

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