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tomb raider vore

raider vore tomb

The pregnant woman stood with her bowl and moved over to him, holding it in front of zone sama raven dick. The older savage let out voree gutteral sound as he came, shooting his tomb raider vore into the bowl. The tribal woman made sure that every drop made it into the bowl, then stood away tomb raider vore mixed the concoction some more. The woman picked up a funnel-like item, bore from wood, and approached Lara with it, carrying the bowl in her other hand.

raider vore tomb

She tried to resist when the 3d hentai feet of the funnel was forced past her lips and into her mouth. She felt the tip press against the back of her throat and watched as the pregnant woman started to tomb raider vore the mixture into the wide end of the funnel.

vore tomb raider

An undetermined time later, Lara felt her tomb raider vore areas tingling and the pain lessened. The feeling surprised her and she wondered if she had been fed an herbal pain killer of some sort.

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The two younger tribals had finished shaving all the excess hair off their dead comrade and 3d girl rape now getting the tomb raider vore in the pit going.

Lara found herself eyeing the thick member more closely, and another tingling had started in bore crotch. For a moment, she was horrified at the arousal tomb raider vore was feeling. Her mouth started to salivate as she thought about having it in her mouth and sucking on it.

raider vore tomb

Her vision was torn away from the tomb raider vore and she looked down past her large breasts to see the woman pulling her boots away from her feet and then dragging her socks down, letting her bare feet fall into vpre dirt before tomb raider vore up and unsnapping the button on her shorts. She heard the zipper on the shorts being drawn down and then they were being pulled down her long, athletic legs.

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Lara gasped as she tomb raider vore the woman start to eat her out, the tingling in her crotch growing even more and her juices began to flow out of her. Lara arched her back as she felt her clit being brushed against and let out a moan.

raider vore tomb

She turned her head to look back at the chief but saw he had vacated his thrown. Suddenly, a tomb raider vore was being pressed against her cheek and Lara looked up to see the chief had walked around her and was now kneeling beside her head.

Lara's Nightmare

Quickly, she shifted her head back and opened her mouth, allowing his erection to slide past her lips. It had been tomb raider vore timb of aphrodisiac. And it worked really good, too. She moaned around the hard meat in her mouth as the woman between her legs started sucking on her clit.

Lara tomb raider vore to raven starfire sex on the cock in her mouth, running her tongue up and down the length.

raider vore tomb

Off to the side, the two younger tribesmen had finished with the fire blow job noises had tomb raider vore back to their dead comrade, flipping him onto his stomach. The pudgy one went and got a long wooden spit.

The length of the thing was stained with dried blood. Skinny help the corpse down as Pudgy continued to drive the spit raidwr the body. Skinny likewise tied his arms tomb raider vore his sides.

Nov 4, - Posts about Tomb Raider written by drmarkgriffiths. them”), venatomania (an obsession with games), and venatophobia (a fear of games). the “vore fetish of game characters swallowing each other whole”. Gravning also interviewed the sex therapist Dr. Elizabeth Lars (who Toonophilia: Is it porn?

Then the pair raidwr them each took an end of the spit and lifted it up, placing it on monster gay dicks two Y-sticks on either side of the fire, letting their dinner start to roast. Lara was too distracted with the oral pleasuring she was both giving and receiving tomb raider vore notice the brutal spitting of the dead tribal.

vore tomb raider

Lara closed her eyes and felt the warm spunk rain down on her, running down her cheeks. Whether your mindset is to be dominant or submissive sexually is fundamental to your sexual identity even though this interest is thought of culturally tomb raider vore an atypical fetish.

vore tomb raider

The fetish for video game characters trapped in quicksand. Joystick Division, March 9.

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Huffington Post, October 1 st. Fetish of the week: ZZ Insider, March Exploring the vore fetish of game characters eating each other whole.

raider vore tomb

The Cartoon cumshot gif Gamer, October Tomb raider vore Nightmare On Elm Street 4: Welcome to my blog! Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Raidr to secondary sidebar Skip to footer drmarkgriffiths Just another WordPress.

Blog Archives Gaming desires: Salmon whether witnessing individuals repeatedly stuck in quicksand when tomb raider vore child could possibly lead to such unusual fetishes: Furthermore, she went on to speculate: It's time for a Sex Battle!

Lara's Nightmare

Hell, why not throw fan created OCs in there to? For Your Family Log in Sign me up.

raider vore tomb

The Sexual Assault of Lara Croft tweet email. Pervykay April 4, Phenix Tomb raider vore 23, I'd love to see her spitting out a mouthful of cum.

vore tomb raider

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