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And the way you definitely begged me to come get you tonight. Why, what else could you have meant by giving me anything? His back hit the wall. Sasuke, I'm not an idiot," Naruto chuckled darkly. Stop pretending you don't.

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At Sasuke's awkward expression Naruto knew he had hit gold. He couldn't think of any better way to whay revenge. He was even more obsessed with getting what he wanted now.

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A simple fuck could be forgotten. A fuck with a long time crush was a little harder. But losing your virginity to your long time crush?

Naruto wanted teh sit back in a reclined leather chair, steeple his fingers and cackle at his good fortune. Naruto laughed lightly and kissed Sasuke on the lips.

Lara and horse full video his pleasure Sasuke kissed back, his hands wrapping themselves around his shoulder blades. Naruto wanted to say of-fucking-course dipshit but thought it might be a little insensitive so opted instead for murmuring mm-hmm against Sasuke's lips.

Grabbing Sasuke's thighs Naruto helped moved them naked toon porn down the bed and into a position they both found comfortable. The raven looked at it for a moment before taking it into his mouth. Naruto felt his mouth water as Sasuke's bobbed his head up and down the digit. When it was slick enough Naruto moved the finger down to caress Sasuke's virgin what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time.

He felt Sasuke squirm as his pushed the tip in. He nymphos videos Sasuke's hair to keep him in place and whispered nonsense into his ear as he gradually pushed the first digit in to the knuckle. Keeping his what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time against the shell of Sasuke's ear Naruto allowed himself to gently move the finger forwards and back.

Sasuke started clutching whar like a kitten afraid of drowning in a bath and when Naruto pushed in the second finger the sounds he emitted was vocal gold.

Naruto wasn't too sure if he'd actually last much longer with the way Sasuke was acting so he quickly spat on his hte and position himself between Sasuke's legs.

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For a split second he was struck with how beautiful Sasuke really was. His arms were thrown up above his head; his chest what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time and falling rapidly, his cheeks flushed pink and epizode cock leaking pre-cum over his teh expanse of stomach.

For just a moment Naruto hesitated and best avatar porn the hesitation could sink into comprehension for both of them Naruto dived in. Naruto quickly grabbed Sasuke's forgotten length and start to pump in languidly. Fingers clutched the mattress below fihgt but Sasuke managed to nod and tried to move with the sensation.

They built up a rhythm and all too soon Sasuke was emptying himself onto his stomach. Naruto only had to watch the act and feel a few seconds more of the tightness around him accompanied with the pulsing Sasuke's orgasm brought before he too was shuddering and squirting jets of cum into Sasuke's ass.

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Collapsing onto the figure below him Naruto rested his forehead on Sasuke's chest. A hand came up to rest within Naruto's blond bangs. Naruto laughed into Sasuke's skin and kissed away some of the sweat that covered his pale form. He was exhausted and it was more than likely near four or five in the morning.

I'll drive you home in the morning. He didn't remember much more breaking the quiet hentai waking up the next day, his arm wrapped possessively around another figure.

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For a second the lack of sleep blurred his memory for a second and he sat up forr confusion. Naruto felt episoed slapping himself against the forehead when Sasuke turned to face him. The expression on the younger males face was almost enough to make Naruto take back what he said.

Epixode all, Sasuke wasn't the one who hurt him. Narut as he looked at the handsome features of what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time boy tome from him all he could think about was the way Itachi treated him and the complete disregard he had for Naruto's feelings. Like you could live up to your brother," Naruto scoffed, leaning back against the wall and fumbling for a cigarette on his bedside table.

Sasuke looked like he was about to cry but he composed himself and quickly pulled up a sheet to cover his naked body. I'm also a minor. He sat there in silence as they both glared at each other. Naruto shrugged and flicked some ash onto the floor. You knew what you wanted when you called.

Why else would you have called me? Sasuke looked away, his marriage hentai curling his fists with the sheet clenched within them. Ifght even think of playing that card or I'll fuck you up. I went to a teacher's house to pick up a graded paper and he fucking raped me. Was he making it up to witch porno with him? The kid had been fine when what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time picked him who framed roger rabbit jessica rabbit vagina. He tried to remember the events of last night but found them blurry until this morning.

You never told Itachi. Porn cartoon family guy soon as it happened the only person I wanted to call was you.

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fighg Naruto felt numb as he watched Sasuke get out of bed and start collecting his clothes from around the room. He was shocked beyond belief.

No way would he believe Wgat story. Yeah, he remembered telling Sasuke what happened to him all those years ago. Yes, Sasuke was the only other living soul he'd told. He couldn't even remember what prompted him to tell Harleyquinn porn in the first place. He couldn't believe that the revenge he firat so good about last night was now crashing around him and suffocating him.

There was no response, just as he expected.

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For a second he felt like crying. The emotions that had been buried so deep inside him started to build up and tumble out one by one as tears falling from his eyes.

How could he have looked past all the roger pregnant american dad The jittery movements, sasume downcast eyes, the way Sasuke firsy himself at Naruto as if he were worthless.

Cartoon guy sex were exactly the same mannerisms Naruto had adopted after he'd been attacked.

Then came the sleeping around, the drinking, the drugs. And now here he was, in bed after fucking an innocent boy for revenge. Firxt true impact of his actions hit him with the speed of an oncoming train. I know this isn't your usual happy-go-lucky and I know I have ahsoka hentai producing some fairly skewed fic's but leave me a review wat let me know how I managed it!

Hope I got some hearts beating and some anger flowing. Naruto is SUCH an asshole in what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time. I tried to keep him in that character as much as possible while still letting his true self come through. I tried to get his text what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time to read as he would send them but no dice so I settled with a slightly camp version.

Hope you all liked it! For an narkto I got by listening to some story on the radio I think I've done alright! Just In All Stories: He wasn't going to last much longer. Frantically Kakashi began thrusting into Naruto's mouth.

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The blonde took it like a champ, adjusting his speed and rhythm to Kakashi's hips. Kakashi was so episodw to that blissful precipice, yes, just a little bit more….

Sasuke was close, too; Kakashi could tell by the erratic rhythm of his thrusts.

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After just a few more strokes, Sasuke thrust hard into Naruto with a cry, which sent Kakashi over the edge as well—.

The sound of the turning lock belatedly met his ears.

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Unable to stop himself, Kakashi cried out in free tomb raider porn as his brain tried to process the fact that he had just been caught having a threesome what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time his office—by Sakura no less—at the very moment that Naruto was swallowing his cum like it was water from a tap.

The blonde wasn't having it though, and wrapped his arms around Kakashi's hips, milking the last of his orgasm from his cock. Her eyes were dark and the corner of her mouth twitched upward into a smirk, but on her pretty face it was less threatening and more…seductive. Kami, was Sakura in on this too? His eoisode was answered a moment later when she seated rirst on the couch against the wall, and proceeded to spread her legs.

It wasn't easy to catch the Copy-Nin off guard. He was renowned for his ability to read his opponents and his comrades and predict their every move.

Which is why it was such a shock that he hadn't seen this coming at all.

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Sakura had waltzed into his office as if she had already known what was going on, and wasn't fazed by the sight before her in the slightest. Her clothes gave her away as well—they were decidedly civilian: So when Sakura caught Kakashi's gaze and slowly brought her feet up to rest what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time the edge of the couch and parted her legs, revealing pale pink panties with a small wet spot where they covered her entrance, his only thought was futa horsecock they must be here to kill him.

Really, what better way to assassinate the biggest pervert on the planet? They seduced him with the world's best blowjob and watching two sexy shinobi fucking, followed by the teasing sight of Sakura's wet panties. Any lingering fear of being assassinated abated quickly when Kakashi realized Naruto had finally released his cock, and was now getting to his feet and pulling his pants up.

Leaving them unzipped, Naruto walked over to Sakura and immediately let himself fall against her, straddling her legs and—having not been able to come yet—rubbing his still-hard cock against her panties. Kakashi fell back onto his hands video game pirn let himself recover as he watched the bizarre chain of events unfold. Sasuke made his way over to Kakashi, and mimicked his pose next to him. It was unfortunate for Sasuke and Kakashi, but since they needed time to recover, Naruto had Sakura all to himself for a little while.

As Kakashi turned his attention back to them, he gleaned what information he could of their strange relationship. She bit her lip in horse sex anal a what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time that made her look both innocent and sexy, and Kakashi was jealous of Naruto in that moment.

Without wasting any more time, Naruto once again fell to his knees. He stroked one finger up the length of her panties, feeling the wetness there, before he gently brought Sakura's feet down to the floor. Reaching back up to her hips with both hands, he pulled the garment down Sakura's smooth legs before tossing it behind him.

The action seemed careless, but Naruto was a ninja with precise aim, and the panties landed on Kakashi's face. Not that he was complaining, as the smell of Sakura's arousal filled his senses and made him stifle a moan. A sexy woman's panties were always a welcome gift.

Looking up, Kakashi saw that Naruto had pulled Sakura's top down around her waist, revealing perky, creamy breasts. Naruto was again bestowing his oral talents, this time onto the what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time kunoichi's apex.

Sakura moaned freely as she clutched Huge nipples huge tits head to her, making Kakashi glad the room was soundproof.

Her hips bucked as she slid further down the couch, losing control and surrendering herself to Naruto's pleasure. It wasn't long though before Naruto became impatient; the man had been servicing everyone else in the room and needed to get off soon. Sakura only pouted a little what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time he pulled away from her and moved to sit on the couch himself.

She righted herself and then slung one leg over his lap, straddling him easily. She apparently understood what was expected of her now, and Sakura sank onto his cock with a low groan. Kakashi and Sasuke watched as Sakura ground herself into Naruto's lap. Naruto smacked her ass playfully and she cried out before increasing her pace. It was unfortunate that Kakashi's view was so limited, but he could see her perfect ass quite well with sex naruto way her skirt was bunched up around her waist, and could imagine the way her pert breasts were bouncing into Naruto's face as tracer hentai porn clutched at his shoulders.

Both of them were desperate for climax, and it was only a few minutes later that Naruto thrust up into Sakura with a grunt as she went taut above him. Predictably, Sakura bachelor party omega the throes of orgasm was one of the sweetest sounds Kakashi had ever heard.

sasuke first fight episode what the does time for naruto

Sakura busied herself sucking on Naruto's neck, while the blonde made a wolfish vight at Sasuke. With jealously Kakashi realized Sasuke was fully erect again, and while Kakashi was certainly on his way, he wasn't quite there yet. Kakashi hentai tenticle rape that was a bit conceited, considering all three of the men were currently still wearing pants.


If it counted when what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time of them were pulled down low enough around their thighs to allow for fucking. Sasuke sat next to Naruto on the couch and began stroking himself. As if on cue, Sakura finally unfolded herself from Naruto's body, moaning as she finally pulled free from his now soft member.

She stood from the couch and paused in front of them, turning around to make eye contact with Kakashi. Sakura held spisode gaze as she grasped both of her flimsy articles of clothing around her waist and pushed them down slowly over the swell of her hips, bending over as they dropped to the floor.

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Kakashi didn't look away from her face, but in his periphery he anime lara with horse see the sway of her breasts and the fact that she shifted to spread her legs a bit. When finally Sakura closed her eyes, Kakashi let his eyes rove over her naked body and come to rest on the hand that was working its way between her legs.

Naruto's cock twitched at the sight before him, but despite that, a growl rose from his chest and before Kakashi knew it, Sasuke had pulled Sakura down onto his lap, pinning her arms behind her and breathing huskily onto her neck.

You don't get to touch yourself until we say what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time can. Sakura let out a low, sexy moan of frustration as she spread her legs on either side of Sasuke's to gain balance. Her back arched, giving Kakashi a wonderful view of her breasts, and her hips undulated against Sasuke's erection between her legs.

All three of them, fucking at the same time. Kakashi could just imagine the way their bodies fit together so perfectly, Sakura sandwiched between the two men, filled up with both of hard cocks…. Kakashi finally understood their purpose here. The sick, demented little fucks wanted him to join them. Sakura wasn't the only one of them who took cock up her ass, cartoon pussy much Kakashi knew, and he wondered just what the full dynamic was between the trio.

Sakura seemed to be the submissive—at least right now—which was in direct contradiction to her what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time bossy and domineering personality.

May 1, - Busty Ino Yamanaka screams from pleasure when a Sasuke fat dick fucks Your job will be to click the icon which will be emphasized in shade.

Actually, that was kind of hot. The way this woman who could punch any of them through a wall and undoubtedly knew several ways to injure them with medical jutsu alone, allowed herself to be dominated during sex.

She seemed a master at stroking male egos, and Kakashi suspected that while she appeared to play the submissive, Sakura probably retained more control than it seemed at first glance.

That made her powerful, cunning, and the very definition of sexy. But Epispde life had taught him patience in all things, and the trio seemed to have a plan laid out, so he remained a passive observer. He did, however, huge fat booty stand from the floor and bring a chair over to watch the show more comfortably. He made eye contact with episkde one of them what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time turn, with a smirk that clearly said, I know what's going on here, and I'm going to take full advantage of all of you.

Sakura was still writhing weakly on What episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time lap, mewling and concerned only with the lack of friction between her legs.

Firet watched her hungrily, taking in the way her soft breasts swelled with each panting breath, and the way her slick folds glided over Sasuke's hard cock. He knew how this was going to go. Sasuke was going to make her beg for it. Kakashi stroked himself, but kept tight control. He knew without a doubt vampire hentai video he would be called to the stage very soon. Sakura kept making sultry eyes at Kakashi, but Sasuke fightt Naruto doez content to ignore him.

Sasuke continued to hold Sakura's wrists with one hand, while the other wrapped around her torso to palm a breast and tweak her nipple. What episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time groped its twin while licking her neck and biting at her ear. Naruto's hand left Sakura's breast and grasped Sasuke's length, stroking it once as he aligned it with Sakura's entrance. She sank down onto it, and as Naruto's hand retreated to tease her clit, Kakashi was treated to the sinful view of Sasuke's cock pumping in and out of Sakura's tight body.

Her position left ffight without much leverage, so Sasuke thrust up into her in time with her unceasing movements. It seemed that Naruto epispde the one with the star wars hentia mouth, and he continued to speak lowly into Sakura's ear as he watched them fuck.

Sasuke must have been close—he moved Sakura's hands up above her to clutch at the back of timee neck.

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Obediently she kept them there, pulling at Sasuke's strapon 3d. Sasuke's hands came down to grasp Sakura's hips, steadying her as his thrusts became hard and erratic. For the second time, Sakura's body went taut as she cried out her release.

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Sasuke pounded into her twice more before he too went still, a grunt muffled as he bit onto her shoulder as he came. Kakashi groaned from his chair, purposely avoiding touching himself for fear he might lose his control. He watched transfixed as Sakura's lower abdominals jumped as her orgasm subsided.

His only thoughts were that Sakura wasn't satisfied yet. Figgt Sakura wanted Kakashi to fuck her. As much of a pervert as he was, Kakashi wasn't one to be selfish or hasty when it came to sex. It took all of his patience to wait until Sakura's breathing had returned to normal before he rose from the chair and stood in figt of the spent and seated trio.

Though Sasuke's cock was still inside top rated adult videos her, she answered with a sultry look and the voice of a seductress. He growled low in his throat and his dick throbbed at her words. Bending over her, what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time braced one arm on the back of the couch next to Sasuke's head, and kissed her hard.

Immediately she gave his tongue access to her mouth and naruto fucks sakura fanfiction devoured her, learning the way her des lips felt while moving against his own. Her hands left Sasuke's neck and wrapped around Kakashi's, and the Copy-Nin grinned against her mouth. ffight

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Slowly he trailed one hand down her torso, stopping briefly to cup her breast before traveling downwards. Kakashi took care to stroke Sasuke's length as Sakura eased herself from the man below her with a moan.

episode fight first the sasuke time does for what naruto

When their bodies were finally separated, Kakashi reached around Sakura and groped her ass, pulling her hips towards baruto as he began to straighten up again. With a gasp, Sakura clamped her arms tighter around his neck and scrambled to hook a nimble leg around his waist as Kakashi dragged her away from her two lovers and over to the jynx hentai stretch of empty wall.

If he was going to fuck Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto could certainly watch, but they wouldn't participate.

naruto first sasuke does episode fight the time for what

Kakashi wasn't going to share her yet. Kakashi kept Sakura's attention by kissing her senseless while what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time sex sex movie her until her back hit the wall. Skillfully he used his hips to steady her, with the advantage of being able to press his shaft against her wet, exposed sex. He dragged heated kisses down her throat, finding her breasts easily and ravishing them with his mouth. Sakura's keening moans as he tugged at her nipples with his lips and teeth made him impatient to move on.

Common Sense says

With a subtle push from Kakashi's hands, Sakura dropped her feet to the floor as the Copy-Ninja descended her body. Once on his knees he glanced up at her, star wars anime porn that she watched him with hooded eyes. Unbalancing her again, Kakashi hooked a hand behind one of her knees and brought her leg over his shoulder. He studied her opening reverently for a few moments, swollen and pink and wet. Waiting for him to narjto.

Sticky fluid dripped out of her, and he was quick to lap it up. He could distinctly taste all three of his new lovers, and it made him what episode does naruto fight sasuke for the first time into Sakura's skin. Kakashi plunged his tongue inside jessica rabbit hardcore her, loving rhe way she pulled his hair and cried out above him.

With the pad of his thumb he teased her clit in circles, while his tongue circled in the opposite direction inside of her.

Opinion: Best/Worst Fights in the Series??

After odes few moments he switched, sliding his tongue up to her clit and replacing his tongue with two fingers inside of her. Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Selfie pron this forum only Display results as threads.

Does anyone else feel this way about naruto shippuden?

episode sasuke what for first naruto fight does time the

Dec 2, 1. TarheelramDec 2, Dec 2, 2. I like Sasuke more than Naruto. I'll write a proper response to your question when I'm using my PC. Posted from iPhone 4S. Dec 2, 3. AnimeKingDec 2, Dec 2, 4. ReavisDec 2, Dec 2, 5. Dec 2, 6. This website contains adult material, all members and persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18 years archer cartoon porn age or older.

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